Dental, veterinary customers to get exclusive patient financing rates

Feb. 23, 2005
Agreement will provide customers of Henry Schein, Inc., special low merchant discount rates on Citi Cards' Citi Health Card patient financing program.

Citi Cards, the world's No. 1 credit card provider, and Henry Schein, Inc., the largest distributor of healthcare products and services to office-based practitioners in the combined North American and European markets, has announced a strategic agreement in which Henry Schein dental and veterinary customers will receive exclusive low merchant discount rates on the Citi Health Card patient financing program. 

The Citi Health Card program provides affordable payment options that allow patients to pay for treatment over time, while ensuring that medical care providers' total fees are paid upfront.

Under the agreement, the Citi Health Card patient financing program will offer lower merchant discount rates exclusively for Henry Schein customers on a variety of flexible payment options for patients, including No Interest Payment Plans for 3-18 months and a fixed Budget Payment Plan for 48 months. 

In addition to the exclusive lower Merchant Discount Rates for Henry Schein customers, the Citi Health Card will be integrated into Henry Schein's various practice management systems, such as the Company's award-winning DENTRIX®, Easy Dental® and AVImark® software, offering practitioners the use of innovative technology to accomplish more.

"We're pleased to enter this relationship with Henry Schein and offer its customers and their patients Citi's innovative and flexible financing solutions," said Bill Johnson, Executive Vice President, Citi Cards. "We are committed to working with Henry Schein to help its dental and veterinary care customers provide the best possible care with the least financial stress to their patients and to their practice."

"Partnering with Citi Health Card enhances Henry Schein's position as a value-added, full-service provider," said Keith Drayer, Director of Henry Schein's Financial Services Division. "Our new financing options will better enable our dental and veterinary customers to provide high-quality care to their patients by helping practitioners maintain their financial stability, an essential element to running efficient and profitable practices."

The Citi Health Card offers healthcare providers a number of important benefits, including no office enrollment fees, no required processing equipment, a simple processing format, and high approval rates. 

Payment is received in 2-3 business days, and there is daily and monthly settlement reporting. Credit decisions are made quickly, and Citi's unparalleled customer service ensures ongoing satisfaction.

For patients, the Citi Health Card also offers clear advantages, such as low monthly payments, no application fee or annual fee, and an easy, confidential application process with a credit decision usually made in minutes. 

The credit line can be used for additional procedures and family members, including pets, and this separate credit line for healthcare expenses keeps other credit available for personal use.