Company offers dentists medical spa capability

Nov. 27, 2006
Lares will now be able to help dentists integrate a medical spa into their practice.

CHICO, California--Lares Research has entered into an agreement with Beautiful Forever, one of the nation's leading consulting firms specializing in helping physicians establish successful and profitable medical spas.

Lares, the company that developed the PowerLase AT Spa Laser, will now be able to help dentists integrate a medical spa into their practice. The laser is the first with the capability for performing both hard and soft tissue dental procedures, as well as procedures commonly available only at a physician's office or a medical spa.

The laser can be used to perform permanent hair removal, wrinkle removal, laser skin peels, skin rejuvenation, spider vein removal, and other popular aesthetic procedures.

Medical spas are highly profitable and, according to Cheryl Whitman, president of Beautiful Forever, "Dentists that already own an existing practice are uniquely positioned to add a medical spa to their business because they already have an established patient base and overhead expenses."

Dentists are able to optimize their facility overhead by providing spa services during unused lunchtime, evening, and weekend capacity.

"Consumers are really savvy now and are leading the charge," explained Whitman. "They go to the dentist for more than cleaning and cavity filling."

Having a medical spa within the dental practice also provides an opportunity for attracting new patients and gaining cross-referrals.

Dentists purchasing the PowerLase AT laser with the Spa Upgrade receive the Aesthetic Handpiece Kit, which includes handpieces for dermatological use. Also included is complete in-office aesthetic clinical training and a 30-minute consultation with one of Beautiful Forever's expert consultants.

An optional comprehensive consulting package from Beautiful Forever is also available to help dentists set up and launch a successful medical spa business.

Regulations regarding who can perform medical spa procedures vary from state to state. In the most restrictive states, registered nurses typically are hired to perform the aesthetic procedures and a physician is partnered to provide medical supervision and malpractice insurance access.

The advantage of this arrangement to the dentist is that the medical spa or dental spa business can be an increased source of income that does not require the dentist's presence.

Lares Research has been manufacturing products and providing services to dental professionals for 50 years. The company offers a line of dental lasers, high-speed and low-speed handpieces, and the Apex electric handpiece system.

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