New dental patient financing option: Arch Advantage

Review patients' financial standings on the spot

Arch Advantage

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Created by dentists for dentists, Arch Advantage is a new option in the patient financing industry. Their new comprehensive service includes the tools and support needed to facilitate personalized, low risk, patient payment agreements without the expense and rigid approval standards of traditional, third party financing. Whether you need a primary payment option or are looking to supplement traditional financing coverage, Arch Advantage is flexible and scalable to uniquely fit within your practice.

Using the Arch Advantage custom, web-based application, you can review your patient’s financial standing on the spot and receive a professional underwriting recommendation from Arch Advantage. Unlike other financial companies, the recommendation is based on a unique combination of data points that paints a complete picture of patients' “payment worthiness,” not just their “credit worthiness,” resulting in a higher acceptance rate while managing risk. You also receive recommended agreement terms that compliment your patient’s financial standings.

Arch Advantage

The Arch Advantage qualification and underwriting process leverages the best practices in the industry, but instead of this process being owned and controlled by a third party, it is owned and controlled by you, the dentist, and your staff. You are the final decision-maker. Arch Advantage gives you the information and support you need to make profitable business decisions without losing control over who you can or cannot treat. You can accept, modify, or deny any recommendation for any reason.

Once a payment agreement has been executed, Arch Advantage also takes care of the repayment process. Experts in customer service and payment collections, Arch Advantage's friendly and experienced customer support team will make sure payments are collected on time and delivered to your bank account, eliminating this time consuming task from your staff’s workload.

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Arch Advantage helps you move your business forward by capturing revenue that was once inaccessible, creating a reliable and steady stream of monthly income, increasing acceptance of treatments, and providing patients with a payment option that minimizes the impact dental services can have on their overall finances.

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