CareCredit achieves "Best In Class" rating

Aug. 11, 2005
Rating based on June 2005 Customer Satisfaction Index Study.

CareCredit has been rated "Best In Class" for "Customer Service" and "Ease of Use" based on the June 2005 Customer Satisfaction Index Study completed by GfK Custom Research, Inc, an independent research company.

Contributing to the rating was the recent opening of the Tempe Healthcare Center of Excellence where highly trained healthcare-focused Customer Care Representatives provide CareCredit practices and patients with program information and "one-call resolution" for issues and concerns.

"CareCredit is continually enhancing our program to make it the easiest and fastest financing solution for practices," said Mike Testa, President of CareCredit.

"We know doctors and their teams are busy, and when they have a question or concern, want immediate, knowledgeable, and courteous help. The Tempe Healthcare Center of Excellence is designed and staffed to offer world-class service and is absolutely committed to one-call resolution."

The Center was recently expanded to handle patient inquiries, assisting cardholders with program information, statements and billing questions, in addition to handling the needs of practices.