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Personal and professional best - make it happen

June 1, 2006
There are so many interesting and rewarding things going on at ADAA right now. You need to get involved and attain your personal and professional best.
ADAA President
Debra L. Von Alman
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There are so many interesting and rewarding things going on at ADAA right now. You need to get involved and attain your personal and professional best.

Go the extra mile - Our annual conference is in the mile high city, Denver, Colo., Aug. 3-5. In addition to visiting one of America’s most interesting and beautiful cities, we are looking forward to one of the largest and most interesting exhibit halls offered in dentistry. Continuing-education venues will be offering a great deal of information on how to improve your personal and professional life. There will also be hands-on learning at our very popular ADAA Roundtables where you’ll go home with new information and gifts donated by some of America’s leading dental-related companies.

The ADAA House of Delegates will be making many decisions in relation to our profession that weekend, and complete presentations of the ADAA’s areas of governance including budget, bylaws, and committee reports will be given. There are also social events for you to enjoy.

We are especially excited about a session entitled “Perspectives.” We have asked our ADAA past presidents to give us a glimpse of our past and thoughts on where the ADAA needs to go in the future, including thoughts on access to care issues.

Our Army members will be encouraging us to “go the extra mile” by leading morning exercises classes that will be open to all members. Our ever exciting ADAAF fun(d) party will be our own version of an “Idol”-style show as our homegrown talent dares to strut its stuff. Get caught up in the live and silent auctions and enjoy the fun and fellowship this evening brings. The President’s Gala and inaugural activities will culminate our annual session activities on Saturday evening.

Registration forms for our annual conference are available in the January/February and March/April issues of the Dental Assistant or you can log on to

You can take advantage of this conference even if you aren’t an ADAA member, but you’ll obtain the maximum in personal and professional growth if you make the move towards professionalism now and join the people who make dental assisting a profession.

Get educated with ADAA - There are many new and revised home study education courses in our catalog this year. ADAA members receive a discount when they purchase a course, as well as free test grading. Members also receive free continuing-education courses in several issues of the Dental Assistant each year with only a small fee for test grading.

Get a membership ... get even more - There’s a special offer happening right now. A free IntelliClean System, Sonicare Power Toothbrush will be given to all new members as a thank you from Sonicare for joining the ADAA (while supplies last).

When you use the coupon we have included, membership can be obtained for only $100 for a full year. Are you aware of the basic benefits of membership in the ADAA?

  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Online employment service
  • Member discounts on educational seminars
  • Discounts on home study courses with no grading fees for members
  • Professional dental assisting liability insurance
  • A subscription to the Dental Assistant Journal
  • Eligibility to participate in the Fellowship Program
  • Free CE in the Journal with a nominal grading fee
  • Eligibility for most to participate in credit card and insurance programs
  • Travel and leisure opportunities
  • Contacts to many state and local organizations
  • A voice to promote your profession

...and, a place to network with your fellow professionals at local, state and/or national meetings.

The best is on the way - There is still time to make this your year in terms of professional growth through affiliation with the ADAA. You can do this through attendance and - most importantly - participation at our annual conference, your state, and/or local society meetings, and by utilizing the new and revised CE courses that we offer.

We recently concluded Dental Assistants Recognition Week and, along with the American Dental Association, we distributed more than 400 kits to individuals, schools, practices, and groups who want to build recognition for the members of our profession. We hope you’ll recognize your own value as you take advantage of membership in the ADAA.

If you’re not a member, we welcome you and urge you to become active in your professional organization. If you are a member, we applaud your involvement and extend our thanks and encouragement as you continue to be that person who makes dental assisting a profession.