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These stars are down to earth

Jan. 1, 2006
Happy New Year to the Stars of the Dental Team!
ADAA President
Debra L. Von Alman
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Happy New Year to the Stars of the Dental Team!

You see them on the uniforms of officers, you see them in the night sky, and, yes, you may even see them in the hills of Hollywood. Stars have long been a sign of leadership. They are the things to watch, the lights to follow, and signs of accomplishment. Where there are stars there is respect, admiration, and awe.

Some stars shine brightly throughout their lifetime, sparkling, glowing, and lighting our path. Some twinkle in and out. Some are brief but meaningful streaks. They pass by seemingly on the way to other things, yet share their light with us. All impact those who witness them. All have a reason and a purpose.

It’s not often, or for very long, that you see just one star shining alone. Most often that single star is joined by another, then a few more until the sky is filled with light.

This year we salute the “stars” of the American Dental Assistants Association - those who lead us in new directions and brighten our path. Those who twinkle as they work in their chosen profession. Those who shine brightly and are steadfast in the goals and hopes for this association. Those who streak across our skies, bringing new ideas and innovations in dentistry and dental assisting.

We have an exciting year ahead of us. One filled with opportunities.

  • Opportunities to expand the field of dental assisting, to realize credentialing goals.
  • Opportunities to work with our corporate sponsors, associate professionals, and volunteer organizations to help with access to care issues.
  • Opportunities to grow by sharing our association motto of education, loyalty, efficiency, and service with all dental assistants.

These are opportunities to let the power of dental assistants shine.

You are the shining stars of the American Dental Assistants Association. In your offices, at your bases, as you serve on local, state, or national offices or committees, let the light of your leadership shine, lighting the path for others to follow. Let your ADAA “Starlight” shine.

And a special invitation to DE&M readers who are not already ADAA members. You are a star in the making and we invite you to become part of our galaxy, the American Dental Assistants Association, and to shine among your fellow professionals. There are opportunities galore for new members to join us as we help our profession grow in status and value to the health care professions of America.

Take advantage of the limited time opportunity offered right here providing you with ADAA membership for a year - state and local dues included - for only $80. Our gift to you, the dental assisting professional, in hopes that you will join us and give us the gift of your participation and your shining presence.