Eastman Kodak honored in China

Oct. 16, 2003
An honorary award was presented to Kodak on September 20 as part of National Love Teeth Day 2003.

In recognition of the efforts of Eastman Kodak Company's dental systems group to raise awareness about dental care in China, the China Medical Association has presented an honorary award to Joshua Sun, general manager, Kodak's Health Imaging division for Greater China and Korea.

The award was presented on September 20 as part of National Love Teeth Day 2003. Kodak was a sponsor of the event, which was organized by the China Medical Association and the China Central Television Station, and featured the theme "Brush Your Teeth, Stop Infections."

As part of its sponsorship, Kodak's dental systems group hosted an information booth in Beijing's Xi Dan Square, where representatives provided information about dental X-ray imaging and its importance to dental care.

In many regions of China today, the public is largely unaware of the importance of preventative dental care, or of modern dental treatment options. Through events like National Love Teeth Day, the Chinese government hopes to address this lack of education and help boost the country's standards of dental care.