Sirona T2 REVO contra-angle handpiece offers comfort, efficiency, and flexibility

Oct. 12, 2003
SmartClip™ water and fiberoptic system allows convenient, chairside repair

Sirona Dental Systems, the world's only full-line dental equipment manufacturer, will introduce its revolutionary new contra-angle handpiece, the T2 REVO, to the U.S. dental market this fall.

The T2 REVO incorporates the company's patented SmartClip™ technology providing integrated water and cellular fiber optic delivery in an easily interchangeable media clip. The SmartClip makes the instant repair of clogged water lines or damaged fiber optics simple and easy, allowing the dentist to continue patient care with little interruption.

"The Sirona handpiece line combines innovative technology with minute attention to detail, and the T2 REVO is no exception," said Michael Leadlove, Marketing and Sales Manager for Sirona's handpiece division. "We believe the T2 REVO offers dentists the best price-to-performance ratio on the market."

Flexibility is critical to the design of all Sirona equipment, offering dentists economical solutions to meet their existing and growing practice needs. The T2 REVO offers multiple options to accommodate most any preference. Contra-angle options include three available SmartClip formats: the ISL, with internal spray nozzle and fiber-optic light rod; the IS, with internal spray nozzle; and the ES, with external spray nozzle.

Among the T2 REVO's many features is its robust construction, which conforms to the highest hygienic standards. Additionally, the treatment head and instrument are combined to form a single unit, eliminating vibration for more accurate results. As with all Sirona handpieces, the T2 REVO is ergonomically designed to allow for maximum dentist comfort.

The Sirona handpiece line, including the T2 REVO, will carry the industry's best warranty, starting at two years. The DDS may also elect to extend the warranty to three or five years, if desired. With the purchase of certain quantities of Sirona T1 Spray lubricating oil with each handpiece, Sirona will offer the extended warranty.

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