CDA says Dental Materials Fact Sheet will help

Oct. 29, 2001
Dental consumers will be better informed about dental procedures.

Dental consumers will be better informed about dental procedures, thanks to the approval of a Dental Materials Fact Sheet by the Dental Board of California (DBOC), say officials with the California Dental Association (CDA).

"We are delighted with the Dental Board's approval of the Dental Materials Fact Sheet. The science of dentistry has been validated, and Californians can be reassured that with public input, the state's governing body has carefully reviewed and approved information that will be extremely beneficial and helpful to all dental patients," said Judith R. Babcock, CDA Director of Dental Affairs, who attended the October 17th DBOC meeting in Los Angeles.

"The Association supports and promotes a dialogue to provide the dentist and the patient with the best possible outcome as well as choices that fit the patient's cost, which are the key reasons for the development of the fact sheet," added Babcock.

The Dental Materials Fact Sheet will replace the original Fact Sheet created in 1993 by the DBOC and represents a thorough review of the current scientific literature. The Fact Sheet summarizes information on the most frequently used restorative dental materials. The Dental Materials Fact Sheet is intended to be a guide to dental materials science, as a means of encouraging dialogue between the patient and the dentist, says Babcock.