125,000th HELIODENT to be produced

March 28, 2006
Intraoral X-ray unit has been in continuous production at Sirona's Bensheim factory for almost 30 years.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--Sirona Dental Systems, a leading full-line dental equipment manufacturer, has announced that the 125,000th HELIODENT will come off the production line in March.

The HELIODENT is one of the world's best-selling intraoral X-ray units and has been in continuous production for nearly thirty years at the Sirona factory in Bensheim/Germany.

Launched ten years ago, the top-of-the-range HELIODENT DS model currently makes up 38,000 of the total units sold. The sophisticated multipulse system delivers high quality images and reduces radiation exposure to an absolute minimum.

The HELIODENT DS can be switched from film to digital imaging at the touch of a button and hence is ideal for integration into today's computerized dental offices. Since the year 2000 Sirona has also offered the single-pulse HELIODENT Vario model on international markets.

The sustained success of the HELIODENT X-ray systems is the outcome of advanced technology, quality, durability, and innovative design. In the late 1970s the first HELIODENT models were well ahead of their time. The short-tubehead HELIODENT 56 model remained on sale until the early 1980s.

The long-tubehead HELIODENT 60 and the HELIODENT 70 were highly successful products until the early 1990s. The HELIODENT MD, which boasted multipulse technology for reduced radiation doses, was introduced in 1987 before it was superseded by the current HELIODENT DS model in 1995.