Integration options for cameras released

Aug. 11, 2006
Cameras can be conveniently installed directly into any dental unit.

SOPRO, a leading manufacturer of Intra-Oral Camera Systems, has introduced two integration options for the SOPRO 717 and SOPRO 595 cameras that can be conveniently installed directly into any dental unit.

The first option, the SOPRO Dock MU-USB, displays either one or four images on the video monitor and offers composite, S-video and USB 2.0 signal outputs to match your office's storage and retrieval requirements.

The second option, the SOPRO Dock MU-Video, also displays one or four images and offers both composite and S-video output to interface with your office's information requirements.

Both camera systems will capture images via the dental unit's foot pedal or by the using the SoproTouch sensor located on the camera's handpiece.

The "quick-connect" feature simplifies the movement of either camera handpiece between operatories and allows the dental clinician to use both cameras with either docking station.

Both camera handpieces are extremely light-weight and easy-to-use. The SOPRO 717 handpiece weighs only 2.7oz. and comes equipped with three preset position options for Macro Mode viewing (1 to 5mm), Intra-Oral Mode viewing (5 to 30mm) and Extra-Oral Mode viewing (30mm to infinity).

The SOPRO 717 also offers the patented SoproShade Concept, which allows the camera to be transformed into a shade-matching device with the click of a button!

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