Companies sign multiyear agreement

Oct. 26, 2006
ProDrive Systems Inc. launched its drive system burs at the American Dental Association meeting in October using burs manufactured by Meisinger of Germany.

MONTREAL--ProDrive Systems Inc. has announced a multi-year manufacturing and co-brand agreement that provides ProDrive Systems a strong foundation of expertise, manufacturing capabilities and brand value for the introduction of the new Handpiece Turbine / Bur system to be launched at the American Dental Association meeting in October, 2006.

Jean T. Castonguay, president and CEO of ProDrive said, "This agreement with Meisinger, a world leading bur company, ensures ProDrive will have a complete line of burs and is prepared to meet expected large-scale market demand for our patented new products. Meisinger brings more than reputation and engineering experience, the partnership demonstrates that ProDrive is poised to be a major market force in the bur industry. By engaging the trust and confidence of Meisinger we have secured the highest quality of bur manufacturing capabilities�-the perfect complement to our state-of-the-art drive turbine".

The ProDrive System is comprised of the ProDrive Upgrade Turbine and the ProDrive Bur. Traditional friction grip handpieces often suffer torque loss when cutting hard materials--the resulting torque loss reduces cutting power and causes unwanted friction.

The innovative 100 percent Torque Transfer Feature of the ProDrive System ensures the bur always turns in sync with the turbine, improving both the cutting power as well as the durability and reliability of dental handpieces. In addition, the ProDrive Upgrade Turbine is designed with superior quality components and includes a one-year performance warranty to ensure constant and reliable handpiece performance.

Alex Miller, president of Meisinger USA said, "Our first reaction to seeing the new ProDrive Bur design two years ago was astonishment--ProDrive had taken a multi-billion dollar commodity product and redesigned it from the ground-up to improve performance. Although Meisinger is a leading force in Bur industry with a history dating back to the last century--we constantly have our eyes open to innovation--and when we met the ProDrive team we appreciated the scale of change the product would instigate. In addition to the improved power related to the patented Drive System on each bur, the patented Bur lengthening feature will improve the usability, safety and practice efficiency of every dentists using ProDrive."