Latex-free, powder-free sterile examination glove debuts

May 14, 2007
Micro-Touch NitraTex Sterile glove provides tactile sensitivity and barrier protection.

RED BANK, New Jersey--Ansell Limited, a leader in barrier protective health-care products, has added a latex-free, powder-free sterile examination glove to its family of nitrile exam gloves.

The Micro-Touch NitraTex Sterile offers textured fingertips and an extended 12-inch cuff, making it ideal for use in labor and delivery or in any situation where a latex-free sterile exam glove is required or preferred.

Wearers will experience a superb fit and feel, due to the high elasticity and memory of the glove. The glove also conforms to the shape of the wearer's hand allowing for better dexterity, a more comfortable and superior fit and less hand fatigue.

This new sterile exam glove is made from 100 percent nitrile, which addresses Type 1 (latex-sensitive) allergy concerns--a growing concern for both patient and healthcare worker safety and protection.

Also, the glove's nitrile film has excellent puncture and chemical resistance, providing additional material protection for healthcare staff. Because they are powder-free, the gloves protect workers' skin from cornstarch-induced dryness and irritation while also protecting patients from infections, adhesions and other complications related to glove powder.

"Glove dependability is paramount to successful barrier protection," said Heather Campbell, Ansell Healthcare Products LLC's brand support manager for exams. "Ansell's new Micro-Touch NitraTex Sterile glove provides the utmost protection possible, combined with a latex-free composition that alleviates concerns about latex sensitivity, is powder-free and utilizes softer formulations for a more comfortable fit and feel."

The gloves meet or exceed American Society for Testing and Materials and FDA-QSR standards and comply with ASTM D6319, the standard pecification for nitrile exam gloves. The gloves are gamma sterilized for use during sterile exam (non-surgical) procedures.

Available in small, medium and large sizes, Micro-Touch NitraTex Sterile's unique blue color makes it easily identifiable as a nitrile glove.

Information on Ansell and its products can be found at Ansell Healthcare or by calling (800) 952-9916.