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July 1, 2003
The BIOLASE Waterlase® YSGG HydroKinetic laser has received FDA clearance for use in apicoectomy surgery (see photos below) including access flap preparation, alveolar bone cutting, root-end preparation, and removal of pathological and hyperplastic tissues from around the apex.
The BIOLASE Waterlase® YSGG HydroKinetic laser has received FDA clearance for use in apicoectomy surgery (see photos below) including access flap preparation, alveolar bone cutting, root-end preparation, and removal of pathological and hyperplastic tissues from around the apex. Call John Bernhard at (949)361-1200 or email to [email protected].
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Waterlase® YSGG HydroKinetic laser system

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In a major advancement of the standard of care for dentists and patients, BIOLASE Technology, Inc., has received clearance from the FDA to use the patented Waterlase® HydroKinetic laser system in apicoectomy surgery, which includes flap preparation, cutting bone to prepare a window to access the apex of the root, root-end preparation, and removal of pathological tissues and hyperplastic tissues (i.e., granulation tissue) from around the apex. The Waterlase has received many other groundbreaking FDA clearances, including the first-ever clearance for root canals and oral bone surgery. The Waterlase improves patients' comfort in the dentist's chair. More than 98 percent of patients reported no discomfort in clinical trials conducted at the University of the Pacific. Waterlase may ease the pain and anxiety of patients who fear the vibration and high-pitched whine of traditional drills.

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For more information, please contact John Bernhard at (949) 361-1200 or email [email protected].

FDA clearance for safety needle device

E Med Future, Inc. has received FDA approval to market NeedleZap®. NeedleZap is a safety device that disintegrates the sharp portion of a hypodermic needle. It was developed specifically to help reduce accidental needlestick injuries in the workplace. When a hypodermic needle is inserted into the unit, the patented electrode system disintegrates the needle at 2,200°F in approximately two seconds, leaving the syringe intact.

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Since statistics show that approximately 95 percent of all needlestick injuries occur to the hand not holding the needle, NeedleZap was designed to operate with one hand. The device is small (3" x 4" x 2"), lightweight, and can handle a variety of needle sizes — 16 to 30 gauge; up to 2 inches in length.

Call (877) 855-1319 or visit for more information.

Space-saving microscope system

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Expanding Images introduces a new microscope delivery system for the dental operatory. This fold-away system mounts to any dental chair and uses the high-quality Leica MS5 microscope. Its patent-pending coupler and pin-locking adjustable arm allow for total doctor-patient comfort. Other standard features include a customized fiberoptic ring light and special microscope dental mirrors. Finally, it is a space-saving, comfortable, and easy-to-use system for any general dentist or endodontist. Imagine having five loupes at your fingertips — not attached to your head!

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To receive a free 30-day trial or for more information, call 866-EYE-FULL (393-3855), or visit Expanding Images at (Include hyphen in URL.)

New dental laser report

The 2003 edition of Dental Applications of Advanced Lasers™ (DAAL™) is now available from JGM Associates. DAAL-2003 describes in detail laser products intended for dental applications, and includes descriptions of product performance, features, and accessories. Laser list price information also is included.

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In addition, DAAL provides tutorial sections for the non-laser-savvy reader, so readers can better appreciate recent advancements in dental laser technology and applications. DAAL is recommended reading by the Academy of Laser Dentistry.

DAAL-2003 sells for $100, plus shipping, and includes a loose-leaf binder that allows update pages to be added easily.

A table of contents, sample passages, and ordering details are provided at

AURELIA 110 blue soft Nitrile exam gloves

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Get 110 gloves for the price of 100! Nitrile feels as soft as silk and is tougher than ever. With the newly developed Nitrile formulation, Supermax, Inc., is able to deliver Nitrile gloves that are as comfortable as the ever-popular latex examination gloves. Nitrile offers no more worries about protein allergy, yet provides a latex feel and tactile sensitivity.

In addition, Supermax is offering 10 percent more free. Aurelia 110 also is available in chlorinated powder-free, smooth-surface and polymer-coated powder-free, and smooth-surface. For more information call (800)-AURELIA (287-3542).

On-site medical waste destruction

Medical Innovations, Inc., introduces the logical alternative to the medical waste carrier. The Medical Waste Machine replaces ongoing medical waste removal cost and disposable sharps container purchases, both of which increase periodically and become a cost to the dental office forever.

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The system improves the office's liability situation because there are no sharps on site due to the sterilization process which converts the medical waste to ordinary waste immediately. The procedure is easier, quicker, and more cost-effective than disposable sharps containers. The system also makes an important environmental contribution because the waste going to the landfill is not only reduced in volume by an average of 75 percent, but is sterile as well.

By saving dental offices money, eliminating their liability and paperwork, and improving their environment, the Medical Waste Machine offers an unequivocal number of advantages over medical waste carriers.

For more information, call (866) 223-5858, p.i.n. number 3010, or e-mail to [email protected].

Via-Jet PRO oral irrigator

OraTec Corp., maker of TheraSol and a leading supplier of anti-infective periodontal products, announces the all-new Via-Jet PRO Oral Irrigator.

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Despite many new features, the Via-jet PRO is even less expensive than its predecessor. It features fingertip control from a full stream to a gentle drip with the flick of a thumb, conserving expensive antimicrobial solutions. The optional cannula adaptor irrigates to the full pocket depth.

Its vertical design saves valuable countertop space, and the built-in, rugged reservoir features measuring lines to conveniently mix irrigation solutions. Large controls make it easy for the elderly, arthritics, and children to use. An automatic safety switch and reset detects electrical or overheating problems. Extra tips and excess cord store right in the unit.

For more information, call (800) 368-3529, e-mail at [email protected], or visit

New guide to Appliance Therapy procedures

Approximately 2 percent of dentists in the United States are orthodontists, but that doesn't mean the other 98 percent can't strengthen their practice through the use of appliance therapy techniques. The Dentist's Guide to Appliance Therapy provides dentists with ideas on improving patient services and their bottom line.

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Rather than referring appliance therapy patients to other dentists, the 36-page publication shows the ease with which dentists can expand their practices by offering lucrative and relatively simple appliance-related procedures to their patients. By implementing these oral appliance protocols, dentists in general practice will increase patient retention and improve patient care.

Appliance Therapy procedures are patient services that can increase the annual income of a practice by more than $100,000 without adding new patients, staff, or equipment.

For a free copy of The Dentist's Guide to Appliance Therapy, or for more information, call (800) 423-3270 or visit

DetecTar — first of its kind

Ultradent Products, Inc., announced the release of DetecTar — the "first of its kind," subgingival, automated calculus-detection system. Incorporating advanced technology developed by NEKS of Canada, the DetecTar will advance the detection and prevention of periodontal disease with the most accurate calculus-detection system available.

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DetecTar relies on the specific signature of subgingival calculus. An optical fiber senses light reflected by calculus, and converts it to an electrical signal to be analyzed. With visual and auditory signals, both clinician and patient are made aware of the presence of calculus.

The accuracy rate exceeds 91 percent above tactile methods of detecting calculus, even in the presence of blood or saliva. Demarcation markings on the probe give the clinician the ability to measure pocket depths as well as detect calculus, saving time. The probe handle is lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue.

For more information, call (800) 552-5512.

Place or remove sectional matrix bands easily!

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DryerPliers, Inc. has introduced a set of two pliers for use in placing and removing sectional matrix bands. DryerPliers are designed in either mesial or distal orientations, to allow a firm grasp of the band at the proper clinical angle for placement — even without completely breaking interproximal contact! The custom contoured tips follow the three-dimensional curvatures of the matrix bands. This "hand-in-glove" fit will not deform the thin band, but produces tremendous retentive strength for removal after curing. DryerPliers will work with all sectional matrix band systems!

For more information, call (800) 527-3509 or visit

New trial crown removers

Hu-Friedy, the leading manufacturer in hand-held dental instruments, has added two new crown removers to the Hu-Friedy line — a set of upper and lower Trial Crown Removers designed to facilitate the placement of both temporary and permanent crowns.

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The new Trial Crown Removers prevent scratching of the crown and feature soft, replaceable, anatomically designed pads that provide maximum no-slip grip. In addition, adjustable hand pressure prevents crushing of the crown. The instruments are handcrafted from surgical stainless steel and heat-treated to optimum hardness for lasting quality. Trial Crown Removers may be sterilized by any manner except dry heat.

For more information call your dealer, or call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433).

New NSK fits KaVo® and W&H/A-dec® couplers

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NSK America announces its new Ti-Max solid titanium, (lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant) cellular glass optic, high-speed air turbine handpieces to fit KaVo® and W&H/Adec® couplers. The new handpieces are available in three head sizes, (miniature, standard, and torque) that range from 320,000 to 400,000 rpm. They are designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue caused by prolonged and complex clinical procedures.

Features include NSK's patented Clean Head System (preventing oral fluids from entering the turbine head), Ultra Push chuck (increasing bur retention when high load is applied), ceramic bearings, nonretraction valve, triple water spray, and simple chairside turbine cartridge replacement.

For more information, call (888) 675-1675 or visit

Contact+ patient communications solution

Patient Care Suite announces the release Contact+, a complete patient telephone communications software solution for the healthcare practice.

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Contact+ is a personalized appointment and recall reminder system that reduces costly no-shows. Preventing one to two no-shows each day provides an immediate payback of your investment. Automated telephone calls can be made in multiple languages. With Contact+, your practice will increase daily revenues and enhance patient communications.

For more information about Contact+, please visit or call (800) 263-5892.