Practitioners Form New Association

Dec. 2, 2003
The Appliance Therapy Practitioners' Association to promote use of appliance therapy and give dentists many newbenefits.

If you're one of the many dentists who have discovered the benefits of using appliance therapy in your practice, the Appliance Therapy Practitioners' Association wants you.

The new association is being formed on behalf of dentists by the Appliance Therapy Group. The goals of the association include promoting the use of Appliance Therapy in the general practice and providing dentists with a wide variety of Appliance Therapy related services, support and benefits which include patient referrals.

The members won't be asked to take on any responsibilities, as they often are in professional associations. Instead, they'll simply receive the benefits of being part of an organization that educates and promotes a great way of practicing dentistry and improving patient care and the dentist's bottom line.

Membership in the association is extremely affordable. Individual Doctor Memberships are $100 for the initial year (including a handsome 8x12 inch membership plaque in the dentist's name, suitable for hanging in his or her practice. Individual membership renewal for subsequent years will be at only $65.

Group Practice memberships are $100 first member plus $25 for each additional doctor per year. Student and Auxiliary Membership are $25 per year (but do not include a plaque).
"We wanted to help create a professional association which would be as beneficial as possible to the thousands of dentists who practice appliance therapy," said Dr. Rob Veis, CEO of the Appliance Therapy Group.

"The Appliance Therapy Practitioners' Association is one of our many ways of helping dentists make the most of their practices and their professional abilities."

The Appliance Therapy Practitioners' Association will provide a wide variety of benefits to its members, including:
� Being on the leading edge of the Appliance Therapy "Revolution" in dentistry: As members of the Appliance Therapy Practitioners' Association, dentists will be kept ahead of their non-member peers on all new developments in Appliance Therapy technology, techniques, and practice-building marketing materials.

� Extensive system of patient referrals: The Appliance Therapy Group is spending substantial resources on consumer targeted public relations to generate potential patients through health magazines, radio and TV talk shows, and internet information access about the many benefits of our specialized dental services. As members, dentists will be first on our referral list for these new potential clients.

� Extensive educational opportunities: From our quarterly newsletters, national study clubs, Appliance Therapy Web site and chat room, world-wide courses, independent study programs, to our annual weekend resort meetings and seminars, dentists will have the specialized opportunities they need to expand their skills and master Appliance Therapy's many unique treatment possibilities.

� Recognition. Dentists can be proud to hang our beautiful Membership Plaque in a place of prominence in their practices. In addition, they may elect to pursue the extra rewards of our Mastership � Fellowship programs. They will receive special acknowledgment at all of our courses as a member of our association and be a source of inspiration to other like-minded dentists as a testament to the many benefits of the Appliance Therapy way of doing dentistry.

� Financial rewards: Besides the obvious benefits Appliance Therapy adds to practice income; companies in our group provide members with many discounts and special services only available through the association.

Discounts on Success Essential's products, equipment, supplies; SMILE Foundation's courses, 2nd Opinion treatment planning services and selected Space Maintainers' appliances, are only the beginning of the extensive collection of advantages that are available for joining.

� Professional satisfaction � The group benefits dentists in many ways � it's just fun to belong to a group of like-minded dentists who are a cut above the pack. The group's members own the top 10% grossing practices in dentistry, but also want more from their profession than just a big payday at the end of the week.

Dentists who would like an application to join the ATPA or for more information on the Appliance Therapy Practitioners' Association may call the Appliance Therapy Group at (800) 423-3270 or visit