Dental news: Hourglass Industries changes name

March 4, 2013
New name is Hourglass International.

HOUSTON, Texas--Hourglass Industries has announced the move of a distribution center to California and a new company name, Hourglass International.

Relocating warehousing operations from Colorado Springs, Colo., to just north of the Port of Oakland, Calif., will reduce the lead times for receiving product from the factory in Malaysia. The company will be able to fulfill and ship orders more quickly, meeting the growing demand for JIT delivery.

Moving operations to this new location will also allow the company--a direct importer and redistributor of HandPRO brand exam gloves and disposable nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves for the dental, medical, industrial, cleanroom, and food safety industries--to take advantage of freight efficiencies. This will help mitigate rising manufacturing costs and keep the company competitive.

In addition to changing the warehouse location, the company has adopted a new name, Hourglass International.

“The new name reflects our growth and global relationships with manufacturing and distribution partners,” said Stephen J. Atwood, who remains president of the newly reorganized company.

“The result of months of negotiations with our manufacturing partners is that we are now able to offer the highest levels of service in order to assist our customers' growing needs.”

The location and name change enable Hourglass to better care for existing business and positions it for future growth. The company’s HandPRO brand of nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves are sold throughout the U.S., South and Central America, Israel, and Europe.

They have recently expanded their product portfolio to include face masks for the cleanroom and nonmedical production markets. New exam gloves and nitrile gloves are planned this year for the dental, medical and cleanroom markets, including two new gloves specifically designed for the critical requirements of the USP787 market.

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