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Dentists can easily get involved in the Foundation for a Drug-Free World

Dec. 19, 2013

New York State Senator Jose Peralta, recently presented a New York State Senate Proclamation to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World Northeast Chapter and the Fialkoff Foundation for a Drug-Free World NYC Program. RELATED: See the details of the proclamation here.

DentistryIQ spoke briefly with Meghan Fialkoff, Director of The Foundation for a Drug Free World, Northeast Chapter to learn more about the study club and what the dental community can do to get involved.

DentistryIQ: How did the study club become involved in drug-free education?

Meghan Fialkoff: “I founded the Northeast Chapter of the Foundation for a Drug Free World in 2006. In 2011, Dr. Fialkoff adopted it as the official office study club and non-profit program. He also founded the Queens Chapter. Together we introduced it to our study club and expanded our outreach into the community. We held a seminar in early 2012 for key dental figures including the President of Queens County Dental Society, President of the Spanish American Medical Dental Society, and a Rabbi Levy of Queens. We briefed them all on the program and asked for their support. From that point forward, they started promoting the program to their dental associations, had their staff go out to do events, set up introductory meetings between Dr. Fialkoff and I, and Senator Peralta, etc. We also held briefings for our study club where we went over the program and developed our own how-to guides for our members. Councilman Daniel Halloran of Queens presented a proclamation at our study club in January, 2013 and Metlife Financial Services presented a donation check to our chapters at a study club meeting in November, 2012.”

DentistryIQ: What can other dental professionals do to become involved in their communities with the message of promoting a drug-free world for children?

Meghan Fialkoff: “It is very easy to get involved in this program. There are two main ways to get involved: 1) Order bulk copies of the "Truth About Drugs" booklets from that have the dental office name and logo on the back. These can be put on display in waiting rooms, showing support for this community program and drug-free message. 2) Put on drug free pledge signing events with a local mayor, governor, or councilman, etc. at local schools, religious centers, community centers, street fairs, or PTA meetings. We have simple, step-by-step instructions on how to put these drug-free pledge-signing events together. Some of those steps include showing some of the video clips from the “Truth About Drugs” documentary DVD, giving a brief talk on drugs, and having the audience sign the drug-free pledge. Attendees also can receive the “Truth about Drugs” booklets with the dental office name and logo on the back.

DentistryIQ: What tools do the dentists who are a part of the program use to educate kids about their message?

Meghan Fialkoff: The Foundation for a Drug Free World has videos that dentists can download on the website, or DVDs available for order. These can be used to play at events or use in lesson plans. The foundation has an entire free curriculum and online training program as well, which dentists can utilize in presentations for kids. There are free, downloadable drug free pledges for children/teens, and a separate pledge for adults. These can be printed from the website. Our office and study club is also able to provide assistance and directions to those interested.

Take a look at the Fialkoffs’ websites for additional information and to contact them directly
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