Ozone Boy

New Ozone Boy offers advantages of ozonated water

May 20, 2013
There are many advantages to ozonated water

Ozonated water has proven to have many benefits in dentists’ offices. These include low ongoing maintenance costs, consistent purification, removing a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine, and no change in pH balance.

O3 Technologies Co. Ltd is emerging as a leading manufacturer of ozone generators, ozone sanitation systems, and hygiene generators. One of O3 Technologies latest creations, Ozone Boy, can be connected directly to any normal tap, and is powered by an integrated hydroelectric generator.

The electricity produces ozone to penetrate into water, and the result is ozonated water. Features of Ozone Boy include no pollution, no plug, no battery, easy installation, and convenience of use.

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It has its own hydroelectric generator built-in, so that when the water is turned on, ozone can be produced. The power button can be pushed on or off to select whether or not ozone will be produced as the water flows through it.

Ozone Boy produces 0.7 grams per hour and can create an ozone residual of 0.15 to 0.3 ppm in water. It comes with a one-year warranty.

The goal of O3Technolgies is to be the best ozone system manufacturer worldwide by focusing on the continuous improvement of engineering research, customer satisfaction, top quality products, and clean manufacturing practices. The company strives to produce the lowest cost, highest quality ozone products by using diverse application expertise to serve multiple markets.

For more information, visit o3-technologies.com.