3M ESPE launches “Buy It Now” option on website

Distributor integration lets dental professionals buy dental products where they research them.

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ST. PAUL, Minn. – 3M ESPE has added “Buy It Now” functionality to its website, giving dental professionals an innovative, convenient new option to buy dental products on the same site they use to research them. Website visitors will not only find documentation and user reviews on 3M ESPE dental products, they can quickly move from researching products to purchasing them, all while working through their preferred distributor.

“We know that customers view a manufacturer’s website as one of their top resources when considering a purchase,” said Keith Haig, director of marketing for 3M ESPE. “We are proud to introduce this proprietary system to help our customers purchase dental products more conveniently, especially when we know they are already coming to our site to find information and reviews.”

To use the new feature, website visitors can simply browse through the online 3M ESPE catalog to select a product. On the product page, a “Buy it Now” tab displays the variations and purchase options for each product (e.g., intro kit, refill, and more). Users will see a red “Add to Cart” button to enable their purchase. For their first purchase, users will be prompted to select a participating 3M ESPE Certified Distributor to fulfill their order, after which they can check out by entering their National Provider Identifier Number. For added convenience, an auto ship option lets website shoppers set up automatic ordering for their favorite products. Additionally, a “Reorder” link lets users quickly find past orders, modify them as needed, and reorder.

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The Buy It Now capability is the latest upgrade to the 3M ESPE website, which has seen many improvements over the past 18 months. A modified design and structure make the site more user-friendly and easier to navigate, while last year’s addition of a ratings and review feature lets dental professionals share candid opinions about the dental products.

Dental professionals are encouraged to visit the website, try the new feature, and post their dental product reviews on their next visit. To get started, go to www.3MESPE.com/Buy.

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