ADHA unveils new brand

June 26, 2007
Unveiling of ADHA's new brand took place during opening ceremonies at ADHA's 84th annual session in New Orleans, La.

CHICAGO--For two years, the American Dental Hygienists' Association has been immersed in a branding initiative to help the association remain successful and adapt to the changing dental hygiene marketplace.

As the basis for the brand design, extensive research was conducted to determine exactly how the marketplace had evolved and what dental hygienists, both current and perspective members, want and need from ADHA as their professional association. To guide ADHA through the branding process it was necessary to reach out to an external branding expert.

After an extensive search, ADHA selected Tim Prosch of Contact Points as the consultant to lead the association through the branding process. A veteran with a track record of success in association branding efforts, Prosch provided ADHA with a 360 degree view of how the association was perceived in the marketplace, by dental hygienist members, non-member hygienists, dental hygiene students, and dentists from around the country. The results of this research guided the branding process from beginning to end.

A key element that was extensively touched upon in the branding research was the need for ADHA to be the premier resource for all dental hygienists, regardless of age, experience, or position, to become a better and more successful hygienist. The branding efforts undertaken have reflected this need.

"The branding campaign was designed to clearly and single-mindedly focus on the notion that ADHA is all about unleashing your potential as a dental hygienist," said Prosch. "All of the elements of the advertising: the layout, the headlines, the copy, the tag line were all created to project separately and collectively a look and sound and feel that the ADHA is firmly committed to [a dental hygienists'] personal and professional success."

Among the many revealing insights produced from the research were expectations that ADHA offer more tangible member benefits, be more inclusive for all dental hygienists, and integrate themselves as facilitators within the various professional relationships--both with dentistry and the patient, all of which are reflected in the new brand.

"Dental hygiene has evolved and will only continue to do so in the years to come," said Jean Connor, RDH, president-elect of the American Dental Hygienists' Association. "The new brand that has been developed will allow ADHA to remain the premier resource to help dental hygienists to grow right along with the profession. I am extremely proud of the renewed focus and promise of ADHA and all of its members, and I encourage every dental hygienist to take full advantage of this amazing resource."

The unveiling of ADHA's new brand took place during opening ceremonies at ADHA's 84th annual session in New Orleans, La. Prosch presented the new brand with the help of ADHA staff and leadership to roughly 900 attendees as well as a number of dental industry professionals and media.

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