Who knows a dental hygienist better than a dental hygienist?

May 25, 2007
Allied membership: What does this mean to you?

Last fall, the American Dental Association House of Delegates considered
developing an allied membership category for all dental team members,
including dental hygienists, on a national level. An allied member is one who supports the purpose and mission of an association and who is not usually otherwise qualified for any other class of membership. Allied members are nonvoting members, but they pay dues to belong to the association.

Allied membership increases the dental association's membership numbers, and those numbers can be used to advocate for or against any cause such as local anesthesia, preceptorship, etc. Though the ADA allied membership initiative was not adopted last year on a national level, we are aware that state dental societies are taking up this initiative by offering a state-level allied membership category for dental team members.

Your association membership choice ultimately determines who represents you and your voice as a dental hygiene professional. At the ADHA, we recognize that in today's competitive marketplace, we must and will work hard to provide you with a better membership experience to gain your confidence and support as the organization that represents all dental hygienists. It is our responsibility as well as each state's to ensure that we are providing the better product and offering a community for every dental hygienist.

State dental societies often say that they can fill the need of today's
dental hygienist through low-cost CE and various degrees of access to
journals and magazines. In addition, they claim to serve as your
representation, along with dental assistants, dental laboratory technicians, and front-office personnel.

In the evolving dental industry, the American Dental Hygienists' Association knows and understands that you are an educated, highly skilled professional with distinct needs that relate directly to your scope of practice. At the ADHA, we are focused solely on dental hygienists and the profession of dental hygiene. From high-quality continuing education to advocating for the public's health and the future of our profession, the ADHA is committed to one thing — your success.

The American Dental Hygienists' Association's commitment to you, in
conjunction with your state and local associations, provides you with an
unbeatable combination of resources designed specifically with your needs in mind. Members of ADHA enjoy these benefits:

• A local, state, and national network of professionals who share
your goals and concerns

• Knowledgeable and experienced colleagues who have walked in your
shoes and can get you pointed in the right career direction no matter what your need

• A united voice for dental hygiene

• Continuing education for dental hygienists at the ADHA's annual
session, self-study courses available online 24/7, and through our state and local organizations

• Continual and easy access to up-to-the-minute information via
Access magazine, the ADHA Web site, ADHA Update, and the Journal of Dental Hygiene

• Insurance through a variety of plans such as disability, professional liability, and major medical, to name a few

The ADHA is the largest professional association representing the interests of all dental hygienists. The ADHA works to secure a future for dental hygiene by protecting the value of our educational credentials, preserving the integrity of our licenses, and speaking in unity as one voice for organized dental hygiene. We're sure that when you consider the networking opportunities, the CE offerings, and malpractice, health, and disability benefits available, you will see the value of membership in ADHA and your state and local dental hygiene associations!

Don't trade your voice or vote to any other organization in exchange for allegedly low-cost benefits. It is only by speaking for ourselves that the dental hygiene profession will continue to achieve measurable and lasting success.

Please keep this in mind so when you are asked if you want to be a member of your state dental society, you can make a well-educated decision and politely say:

NO, THANK YOU! I proudly belong to the ADHA ... after all, who knows a dental hygienist better than a dental hygienist!

Source: American Dental Hygienists' Association, 444 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 3400, Chicago, IL 60611, (312)440-8900