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Liptak Dental new location

March 14, 2011
New franchise will be located in Fort Myers, Fla., area.
FORT MYERS, Florida—Liptak Dental Services has opened a new franchise location in the Fort Myers, Fla., area. To read more about Liptak Dental, go to Liptak Dental.Owned and operated by Jim Whitelaw, Liptak Dental Services is a dental technology consulting business that specializes in computer support and software training exclusively for dental practices. Whitelaw’s business will serve Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, and Cape Coral north to south Tampa.Liptak Dental Services is dedicated to educating dentists on how best to integrate dental technology into their practices, and how to spend technology dollars wisely. Liptak offers in-office and online training for a variety of practice-management software, including Dentrix, Softdent and Eaglesoft. It alsos offers consultation on Web presence and social networking.“Technology is moving at a rapid speed, and dental offices are having trouble keeping up,” said Whitelaw. “The practices in my area have a lot of questions about their computer networks, digital X-rays and practice-management software. My goal is to help these offices navigate technology and implement whatever technology makes sense. We look at what will provide the greatest value to the practice in the long run.”In addition to consulting on new technology, Liptak Dental Services addresses the day-to-day computer glitches that cause downtime in the offices. “I know that when offices have to cancel or reschedule appointments due to computer problems, they are losing money, so we are focused on eliminating downtime,” said Whitelaw. “This usually means getting the right equipment in there, setting up regular, automated backups, and scheduling regular maintenance to avoid catastrophes.”Liptak Dental provides a range of IT support, as well as a backup solution and staff training. Kenny Schwing, CEO of Liptak Dental Services describes Liptak Dental as a “fast-growing network of owner/operators who are part of a nationwide team that learn from each other.”Added Schwing: All of the franchised Liptak locations receive ongoing education on IT and dental technology. There is so much strength and value to an organization that is constantly learning from each other. We share solutions and keep abreast on the latest computer technology, so we can pass that knowledge on.” Liptak Dental Services in Florida can be reached at (239) 349-2594 or visit comment on this subject, go to