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March 11, 2011
From its new headquarters in West Long Branch, N.J., Lanmark360 provides clients with an expanded scope of strategic services.
WEST LONG BRANCH, New Jersey--Lanmark Group, a leading full-service health-care advertising, marketing, and communications agency, has completed a corporate rebranding, capabilities expansion, and relocation to West Long Branch.To read more about Lanmark, go to Lanmark.Renamed as Lanmark360, the agency will now serve its diverse roster of health-care clients from 804 Broadway, a historically restored, turn-of-the-century silk mill known as "The Factory."According to Lanmark360 owner and President Howard Klein, “Since it was founded in 1977, Lanmark has been continuously expanding its integrated marketing and communications offerings to the health-care industry. Lanmark360 embodies the closed loop of services we provide, including brand building, demand generation, lead qualification and sales fulfillment.”Klein explains that while Lanmark360 offers a full range of integrated services, clients have the option of choosing the specific services that best fit their needs. “We’re always ready to help our clients fill a void in their internal resources and help them achieve a closed loop campaign," he said. "At the end of the day, it’s about working together to get the desired results.”The decision to move was based on the company’s outgrowing the limitations of its previous location. “It wasn’t only about square footage,” said Lanmark360’s Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Partner Michael McCarthy. “Our previous generic industrial park environment did not reflect our forward-thinking company culture or the creative energy generated from each department. Since we’re in the business of selling ideas, it makes perfect sense to create a functional environment that also facilitates ideas and creativity.” One example of this philosophy is Lanmark360’s “Idea Room”--a 50 sq. of wall-to-wall white board with Wi-Fi enabled multi-media technology and LED screen and white modern leather chairs for internal and client brainstorming. “A lot of people talk about starting from a clean slate, but we actually provide one,” said Klein. “We ask all those who participate in our Idea Room sessions to check their preconceptions at the door and let their ideas flow freely.” Another new addition is an on-site focus group facility. “It’s great to have the home-court advantage when we conduct product evaluations, message development and ad testing projects for our clients,” said McCarthy, an experienced focus group moderator who has trained several other Lanmark360 staff members to be expert facilitators. “This is a turn-key facility with a two-way mirror plus the ability record audio and video during sessions.” Lanmark360’s focus group facility also has the capability to webcast live sessions to client executives who may be in remote locations. Lanmark has provided call center services to its clients since its earliest days, but today’s expanded Lanmark360 call center uses a call center integrated with CRM software. “Not only can we accommodate a larger volume of inbound and outbound calls,” explained Klein, “We can also generate a variety of reports to provide meaningful data on lead qualification, prospect nurturing, and order fulfillment campaigns.”In addition, Lanmark360 now has an expanded multimedia studio with larger total area and higher ceilings that provide more flexible staging options for virtually any type of photography or video project. This includes green screen studio productions. Quality of life concerns also played a large part in selecting the location of Lanmark360 and in many aspects of its interior design. “Our employees spend most of their day doing what they love. Shouldn’t they also love their work environment?” asked Lanmark360’s Director of Operations Tracey Clayton. The most obvious example of this core belief is also the focal point for all those who enter the lobby of Lanmark360--a full-service coffee bar named Cafe360 that features 10 varieties of fresh coffee beans to brew coffee, espresso, and cappuccino any time of the day. “We found a local purveyor that not only has great coffee, but names some of its flavors with a New Jersey twist. As a Jersey Shore agency, we think it’s only appropriate that we serve our employees and guests a cup of ‘Jersey Girl,’ ‘Exit 98,’ or ‘Forgettaboutit!’” Additional quality-of- life elements include an XBOX 360 KINECT system so employees can exercise and unwind, several community seating areas to encourage collaboration and camaraderie, and an expanded kitchen area with commercial grade appliances and cable-TV via a flat screen LED monitor. In addition, proximity to the beach has been well-received by Lanmark360 employees, most of whom live in Monmouth and Ocean counties. “Most of our employees take full advantage of the Jersey Shore lifestyle by surfing, boating, fishing, or just working on their tans,” explained Clayton. “Plus, our clients love to be entertained at Pier Village!”For more information, visit comment on this topic, go to