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Hygienists create game

March 1, 2011
Pass It! prepares hygienists, board exam students with fun and informative game.
RENO, Nevada--Two Nevada dental hygienists have come up with a solution to the tedious studying slog that dental hygiene students face leading up to board exams an have made it into a game.To read more about board exams, go to board exams.Pass It! incorporates more than 1,000 important dental hygiene questions into a fun and engaging board game that helps prepare dental hygiene students forboard exams without the boredom, study fatigue, or information overload usually associated with exam studying.Dental hygienists Karen Isbister and Carrie Clotworthy created the game during their studies for the board exam. Subsequently, they decided to release their secret studying aid to hygiene students across the country.“Pass It! does what textbooks and study notes can’t do; it keeps students engaged, competitive and focused," Isbister said. "Dental hygiene students will be astounded by how much they learn and how painless the process can be. And with our carefully selected, targeted questions, students can be assured that, when they play Pass It!, they will be prepared for the dental hygiene board exams.”Pass It! can be played in groups from two to four players. The information on the question cards are culled from textbooks, board exam material and hygienists’ personal experience. They represent the most relevant information for board exam test-takers. Certain questions pertain to specific board exam “requirements,”such as X-rays and dental materials. None of the questions are multiple choice. Contestants move their game pieces around the board as they correctly answer questions. Wildcard spots, such as the “Tooth Fairy” and the “Cavity Creep," help keep the game entertaining.The game works for auditory learners since questions are read aloud, as well as visual learners since questions are read by contestants on a rotating basis.Pass It! has been reviewed by the directors of dental hygiene schools across the country to positive feedback. Isbister and Clotworthy plan to display and sell the games at dental hygiene conferences across the country.Given the importance of passing the board exams, students can wait months before re-testing after a failed exam, the board game can mean the difference between passing the exam and becoming a dental hygienist or restudying for a second chance at the exam.Considering the price of textbooks, the $119 price tag for the game--which can be split between four contestants--is affordable.The game also can be used by experienced dental hygienists who look to brush up on details they might have forgotten.For more information on Pass It!, or to order the board game, visit comment on this subject, go to