PaX-Flex FDA approval

March 2, 2011
PaX-Flex is a versatile, field upgradable X-ray system.

SECAUCUS, New Jersey--Vatech America, a supplier of advanced digital dental imaging equipment, has announced receiving FDA approval for PaX-Flex.

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The company plans to begin selling the product through authorized dealers.

The PaX-Flex is a versatile, field upgradable X-ray system. PaX-Flex helps meet digital radiographic needs of the modern dental practice. The PaX-Flex is a single-platform system that is capable of possessing multiple modalities, which can be customized and upgraded before and after the initial purchase.

Equipped with technologically advanced CMOS digital sensors, panoramic X-ray images are captured in approximately 10 to 18 seconds with quality equal to digital photography. The PaX-Flex features auto-focus technology to produce optimal digital diagnostic images using Vatech’s proprietary Adaptive Layer Mode Panoramic Tomography solution.

Auto-Focus technology enables an automatic optimization of radiographic images by compensating for incorrect positioning and abnormal patient arches that would normally produce an unfocused and unclear radiographic image.

Cone Beam CT field upgradable capability expands the practitioners’ diagnostic ability by allowing users to view a 3-D radiograph captured in desired fields of view ranging from 5 cm x 5 cm to 8 cm x 5 cm, and soon to be released larger fields of view. Featuring .20-0.12 voxel sizes and 0.5 focal spot, images should be clear and easy to interpret. Included imaging software will guide the user through case diagnosis and treatment planning.

Its compact size and lightweight design features a small footprint and simple installation. Competitive introductory pricing helps make the product a practical choice. The PaX-Flex and other Vatech America products are available for purchase through authorized dealers nationwide.

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