DentalEZ products EDA seal

March 7, 2011
DentalEZ Group’s environmentally friendly products and services continue to grow with addition of three new EDA- accepted products.

MALVERN, Pennsyvlania--DentalEZ Group, a supplier of products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, has announced that three more of its products have achieved the Eco-Dentistry Association Accepted Seal.

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The exclusive EDA Accepted Seal is for products and services that meet specific environmental criteria. The newly sealed products are as follows:

• RAMVAC Hg5 Amalgam Separator for its waste reduction and pollution prevention
• RAMVAC Badger Waterless, LubeFree Vacuum System for its waste reduction, pollution prevention, and water conservation
• All LubeFree StarDental-brand handpiece product lines, including the 430 Series, Solara Series, Titan 3, Titan-T, and Prophy Star 3 for sustainable manufacturing, waste reduction, and pollution prevention

The EDA Accepted Seal is only awarded to products and services that offer exceptional environmental benefits for the dental practice or dental industry. The seal makes it easy for dental professionals to identify products and services that meet the EDA’s standards and best practices for green dental offices.

Dental professionals who rely on the EDA to help them achieve their “perfect shade of green” also rely on the EDA Accepted Seal to help them choose eco-friendly products from their supplier’s catalog quickly, easily, and with confidence.

“We are pleased that so many of our products have been positively recognized by the Eco-Dentistry Association,” remarked Randy Arner, DentalEZ vice president of marketing. “We plan to continue manufacturing products that benefit the dental profession while being kind to the environment.”

Other EDA Accepted products from DentalEZ include:

• EverLight LED operatory light for its waste reduction, pollution prevention, and energy conservation
• CustomAir LubeFree Compressor for pollution prevention and energy conservation
• UltraLeather Eco-Friendly Upholstery for pollution prevention

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