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March 11, 2011
Program is scheduled to launch in April 2011.

SANTA MARIA, California--DenMat has announced a new Snap-On Smile Marketing Program that is scheduled to launch in April 2011.

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DenMat purchased Snap-On Smile in March 2010 and launched the appliance via a national TV and online advertising campaign in August 2010. During the first six months of the campaign, almost 200,000 consumers responded to the company’s motivating agency produced two- and one-minute television spots and online creative.

Starting in April 2011, consumers will be driven directly to practices that have elected to be a Snap-On Smile participating dentist in their area.

The marketing program has been tailored to meet the needs of dental offices after DenMat interviewed numerous dentists and listened to their suggestions and needs. Potential patients will be driven to a new Web site crafted by DenMat, where they can enter their location and receive the names and contact information of a maximum of three dentists who are program members.

The location look-up will include Google mapping to allow the consumer to see where the participating dentist office is located.

The consumer will then be able to choose and contact the dentist directly, rather than contacting DenMat. The practice can then schedule an exam to determine suitability, discuss the practice’s fees directly, and handle the case as its patient.

“Dentists who have completed Snap-On Smile cases tell us that patient satisfaction is extremely high,” said Stephen A Ziskind, DenMat’s CEO.

“We have formulated the marketing program to the needs of the dentist with only a 90-day commitment required and fees as low as $99 per month. In addition, we are restricting the Location Look-up module to just three practices per area to maximize our commitment to those practices that have shown us their commitment. We are also launching a premium five-day turnaround service in April, given that the demand for early placement of the appliance is considerable.”

DenMat has set up a special toll free number, (800) 445-0345, for offices that require further marketing program information.

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