ISP, Takasago alliance

March 30, 2011
Agreement pairs ISP’s encapsulation technology with Takasago’s flavors to enable new sensory solutions.

WAYNE, New Jersey and TOKYO, Japan--International Specialty Products, a leader in ingredients for the personal care market, and Takasago have announced an alliance agreement to develop oral care products.

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Based on ISP’s complex coacervation encapsulation technology and Takasago’s flavors and fragrances, the partnership will help produce new flavor and sensory approaches that should elevate consumers’ experience in products such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, and whiteners.

Under the agreement, the companies will aim to commercialize new products using ISP’s encapsulation technology to deliver a sensory experience based on Takasago’s flavors. The alliance enables the partners to more quickly commercialize encapsulated flavors with sensory benefits.

With a global presence and extensive R&D capabilities, ISP and Takasago will share insights on developing products for customers in key markets. Officials from companies believe that oral care product manufacturers will be the ultimate beneficiary from the joint effort.

“We’re excited to partner with a global flavor and fragrance leader such as Takasago to take our technology to a new level,” said Jim Mish, denior vice president/general manager ISP Personal Care. "Our encapsulation technology combined with Takasago’s unique flavors will produce exciting innovations for this segment of personal care. These sensory benefits give oral care marketers many possibilities for new products, and our joint formulation and technical service capabilities will vigorously support their efforts.”

Added Brian Buck, senior vice president, Takasago Flavors Americas, “We’re going to inject some real excitement into the oral care category. Under this alliance, we can now deliver our flavors in novel ways not previously possible. Takasago’s high-quality flavors and ISP’s state-of-the-art encapsulation process are a natural fit, and our customers will reap the value of the partnership."

The companies expect the alliance to produce sensory solutions in the near future. Development times will also depend on customer needs.

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