Apen Dental new Web site

March 3, 2011
Redesigned site aimed for dentists and other professionals.

SYRACUSE, New York--Aspen Dental, a network of dental practices, has announced launch of AspenDentalJobs.com.

To read more about Aspen Dental, go to Aspen Dental.

The redesigned Web site provides dentists and other professionals with insights about the benefits of pursuing a career with Aspen Dental.

With clean, user-friendly navigation, the site helps job seekers find relevant information according to their specific interests. This includes earning potential, career path to ownership, a proven practice model, comprehensive marketing and business support; and ongoing professional development.

"For dentists and other dental professionals, a career with Aspen Dental means an opportunity to focus on caring for patients and developing their practice," said John Murphy, director of recruitment at Aspen Dental Management.

"Dentists with Aspen Dental get to do what they love to do--practice dentistry--with the full support of a team of experts who provide comprehensive business services, as well as professional training and development programs."

Featured are personal stories of those who have found success with Aspen at various stages of their career. From the recent graduate to the established private practice owner, dentists with Aspen Dental provide first-person accounts about the benefits of pursuing a career with a leading network of dental practices and why joining Aspen Dental was the right choice for them.

The site also features success stories from hygienists, lab technicians, and other business specialists.

Aspen Dental experienced significant growth in 2010, adding 51 new dental offices, an expansion of more than 20%. Today, there are more than 285 Aspen Dental offices in 22 states.

To learn more about careers at Aspen Dental, visit www.aspendentaljobs.com.

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