Team assembled for Nicaragua

Jan. 5, 2011
Two registered dental assistancts are being sought for summer medical mission.

RANCHO MIRAGE, California--A Southern California nonprofit group is seeking two registered dental assistants for an upcoming medical mission to Nicaragua.

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Rancho Mirage-based International Medical Alliance has already assembled a team of more than 60 doctors, nurses, dentists, and support personnel who have agreed to volunteer their time and talents on a 10-day medical mission to Esteli, Nicaragua, from Aug. 4-14.

"We have a very diverse group of volunteers joining us for our medical mission, including general, plastic, and maxillofacial surgeons," said Ines Allen, IMA's founder and president. "However, we are still looking for two registered dental assistants to complete our team."

In addition to volunteering their time and talents, the volunteers in IMA's Nicaragua mission will have to pay their airfare. Their room and board, however, will be provided by the Nicaraguan government.

If you would like to volunteer on an upcoming IMA mission or to learn more about IMA's efforts in the U.S. and overseas, contact Allen at (760) 485-8963 or visit

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