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Midmark Ohio

Jan. 13, 2011
Company gives $400,000 to college of dentistry.
“Because we care” is a phrase that is part of the Midmark Corporation’s trademark.To read more about Midmark, go to Midmark.The phrase represents a philosophy to which the company is committed. With a gift of $400,000 to the College of Dentistry at Ohio State Universityfor much-needed clinic renovations, the Ohio-based company showed that it cares about the college and the university.Headquartered in Versailles, Ohio, the Midmark Corporation manufactures veterinary, medical, and dental equipment. The company is led by CEO Dr. Anne Eiting Klamar, who is an alumnus of Ohio State’s College of Medicine, and a believer in giving back. Commenting on the recent gift that helped provide renovations for dentistry’s emergency dental clinic, Dr. Klamar said, “The reason for this gift is certainly because we care about Ohio State and the College of Dentistry, but it’s also something we wanted to do because we’re committed to improving health care, and we’re passionate about education.” As a medical doctor, Dr. Klamar knows that health-care facilities are places of hope, healing, and education, and the best facilities are able to deliver the best care. With Midmark’s gift, the college’s emergency dental clinic has been transformed from a functional facility in need of updates to one that offers urgent dental care.When Dr. Klamar first was made aware of the college’s need for substantial renovations in its emergency clinic, she saw this as a chance to give back in a way that would have a positive impact on the clinic’s patients, as well as the faculty, staff, and dental students who work there. “Woody Hayes put it well when he said that it just isn’t possible to pay back everything we’ve received from Ohio State, but we can ‘pay it forward’ by giving to good causes like this one,” Dr. Klamar said. “This dental clinic renovation is just one way of thanking all the educators and mentors who came before us and taught us all the things that have brought us to this point in our lives.”The grand opening of the renovated clinic, which is now called the Midmark Emergency Care Clinic, was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Sept. 29, 2010. Attendees included Dr. Klamar, Midmark Vice President Eric Shirley, Chief Operating Officer Greg Blackmore, and sales representative Matt Buettner, as well as College of Dentistry Dean Carole Anderson, and Dr. John Nusstein, chair of the division of endodontics and director of the emergency dental clinic.Remarking on the clinic renovations, Dr. Nusstein said, “This has been an amazing transformation. Not only do we have a better space to work in, but we’ve also been given new dental chairs, new cabinets, and new sinks and lights. All of those are tremendous improvements, but one of the best changes is that we now have digital x-ray units to work with, and that’s been a ‘night and day’ change in terms of technology.“This area hadn’t been updated in any significant way for several decades, and it was aging badly. We also serve about 5,000 patients each year, so it's a heavy traffic area that needed new equipment to serve our clients better-- and to do a better job of training the DDS students who work here,” he added. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony that christened the clinic, many dentistry’s faculty and staff members and students joined the celebration and were given a tour of the renovated facility. They commented on the change the clinic had undergone. Anderson echoed those sentiments in a brief speech at the beginning of the ceremony. “This renovation is remarkable, and it shows what we can accomplish when we work together on a project that benefits everyone.” she said. “Please join me in thanking our corporate partners for making these changes possible. The Columbus branch of Patterson Dental gave $18,000 in labor and technical support for this project, and we thank them for their help. To the Midmark Corporation and Dr. Anne Eiting Klamar, we give our heartfelt thanks for their gift of $400,000 that has transformed this clinic. Their generosity is extraordinary, and we are truly grateful.” At the close of the ceremony, Dr. Klamar added that Midmark takes pride in supporting Ohio State University and the College of Dentistry. She added that Midmark’s ability to give back and to give generously is a direct result of the philosophy that is the foundation of the company. “At Midmark, we're committed to making a positive difference in the practice of health care and in every life we touch. And I believe that’s our responsibility as a business leader,” Dr. Klamar said. “And you all know that being an Ohio State University graduate was a big part of why we wanted to give something back. So ‘Go Bucks!’ And thanks for giving us this great opportunity to do something that matters.” For more information, go to comment on this topic, go to