Invitation to Dental Products Companies to Showcase Their Business’ Web Videos

Nov. 2, 2011
Dental Products Companies can Showcase Their Business’ Web Videos to Wider Worldwide Audiences

Chicago — “Creative Videographers’ Eyes,” a growing online blog by experienced videographers, video production companies, and corporate video producers who comment on best practice commercial videos that they have found especially inspirational, invites dental products companies to submit their online videos and animations for inclusion in this globally publicized compendium of best-practice video tips.

Amy Munice, creator of the Global B2B Communications website that is hosting the “Creative Videographers’ Eyes” blog, assures dental products companies that only positive promotional comments by videographers that reference their video submissions as website video success stories will be included.

Munice comments, “'The Creative Videographers’ Eyes' blog has a twofold purpose. One, we hope to create a shortcut to help global companies that go to great lengths to create quality videos gain a wider worldwide audience, whose industry information might otherwise be too narrow in focus or too technical to easily become the type of global viral video that can be so important to driving traffic to websites and assisting in search engine optimization. The second goal is to showcase highly talented videographers, corporate video producers, and video production companies as a growing global roster of resources for web marketing videos and other commercial films that work.”

To submit a video for consideration as a globally publicized video success story on “Creative Videographers’ Eyes,” companies need to send a link to their video that they have posted on a public video hosting service such as YouTube, to [email protected].

“Creative Videographers’ Eyes” and other high return-on-investment resources for both online and off-line marketing are promoted worldwide through a combination of news releases to both web and print outlets, hundreds of articles and columns written yearly by Global B2B Communications contributors on global marketing topics, pay per click advertising, and global social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Orkut, Viadeo, and more.

For more information on “Creative Videographers Eyes,” contact Amy Munice at 872-222-7361 (872-B2B-SEO1) or [email protected].

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