San Diego Holistic Dental Center Welcomes Biological Dentist

Nov. 3, 2011
The Center for Natural Dentistry has taken a significant step in its fight to protect and preserve the health of its patients by hiring Dr. Stacy Godes to join Dr. Marvin Pantangco.

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego holistic dental practice, The Center for Natural Dentistry, is pleased to announce the addition of biological dentist Dr. Stacy Godes to its team.

The Center for Natural Dentistry, a holistic dental practice in San Diego integrating natural procedures with traditional science-based dentistry, is focused on improving whole-body wellness through proper, effective dental care with an eye on improving the health of its patients.

The addition of Dr. Stacy Godes provides two benefits to existing and new patients:

It provides patients with another skilled, experienced doctor to work with. The Center for Natural Dentistry was consistently booked up to five weeks in advance. Dr. Godes' addition provides more opportunities for patients to schedule an appointment.

It adds ozone therapy to the practice's alternative dental offerings. Ozone oxygen/ozone therapy, when introduced into the living system, disinfects the area treated safely and effectively. Treating with ozone in dentistry can increase blood flow, enhance immune response, and provide a more rapid healing response. It's often used as an alternative method of fighting cavities and periodontal disease.

"Being a holistic dental office, we never place mercury fillings," says Dr. Marvin, "but it goes beyond that. We are seeking to improve and enhance the health and well-being of our patients. We never perform root canals, we follow a strict extraction protocol to prevent bone infection, we use non-surgical methods to treat gum disease, we are extremely cautious when removing mercury fillings, and we never use metals in our restorations. We also test our patients for biocompatibility before using any new materials ... we are holistic dentists in every sense of the word. Adding Dr. Godes to the team takes us to a new level and allows us to provide even better service to our patients."

Dr. Stacy Godes (pronounced Goddess) chose to pursue a career in the dental profession as a way to help people achieve their goals related to overall health and well-being, a career choice that she says is exceptionally rewarding for her at The Center for Natural Dentistry. Combining the art and science of dentistry into a tool for healing is not just an interest, but a passion for Dr. Godes, as she works to promote health and healing of her patients.

Trained at University of the Pacific in general dentistry and at the IAOMT and IABDM in holistic dentistry, Dr. Godes is a valuable addition to the team and an asset to The Center for Natural Dentistry's patients.

"At The Center for Natural Dentistry, we help patients who have an appreciation for natural health as well as patients who have suffered from long-standing systemic health problems. Many of our patients have tried traditional medicine with unsatisfying results. We offer an alternative look -- a look into how their mouth affects their overall health -- with some amazing results," says Dr. Marvin.

To celebrate the addition of Dr. Godes to The Center for Natural Dentistry team, they are offering a FREE 30-minute phone consultation to anyone who would like to know if holistic dentistry is right for them, or to patients who have long-standing systemic health issues and are looking for answers. If you have "tried it all" when it comes to improving your health, don't give up. Call 760-536-1199 for a free consultation to find out how holistic dentistry may be able to help you.

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