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Sept. 16, 2011
Carestream Dental announces enhanced functionality for EMR-Elite for WinOMS CS practice-management software at AAOMS annual meeting.

ATLANTA, Georgia--Carestream Dental, manufacturer of KODAK Dental Systems, has introduced an updated version of the EMR-Elite solution for WinOMS CS Practice Management Software.

The announement was made at the 2011 American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

The latest version of EMR-Elite, a bundle of add-on modules for WinOMS CS Software, helps streamline the way clinicians capture notes to support a chartless practice.

“We are continually working to develop and improve solutions designed to maximize the latest technologies and to help keep practices running smoothly,” said Matt Ackerman, U.S. oral surgery product line manager, Carestream Dental.

"The EMR-Elite solution with all-new EMR Notes includes additional capabilities that support a paperless practice by simplifying note-taking and workflow.”

The redesign of EMR-Elite’s operative, SOAP, and progress notes offers users the flexibility to accommodate differences between patients’ cases and doctors’ note-taking preferences. With a built-in word processor, EMR Notes helps eliminate the need to create and import separate Microsoft Word documents.

Other time-saving enhancements include a new tab layout that makes it easier to find needed items, improved navigation for faster searches and the ability to “digitally flip” through a patient’s chart. A full library of customizable templates is also included within the software to help save time when taking notes or entering orders.

Available templates address common procedures and case documentation, such as third molar extractions, implant placement, and pathology reports. Text “snippets” draw on a database of frequently used phrases and are template specific, facilitating speedy note-taking.

“New features with EMR-Elite relieve the burden of rekeying information,” Ackerman said. “For example, when a doctor selects a template, the pertinent patient information is automatically populated. Best of all, as the solution is used it becomes more robust and customized for the specific needs of practices. Templates and common notes can even be modified and saved for future use.”

The versatile EMR-Elite solution also includes the Point-of-Care module and the anesthesia module. The Point-of-Care module can be used on a tablet PC anywhere there is wireless access in the office, and is ideal for chairside presentations with patients.

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The anesthesia module enables records to be attached directly to patient charts for easy access and safe storage. When saving records with the anesthesia module, an unalterable digital timestamp is applied to the file, ultimately keeping practices in compliance with medical-legal requirements.

EMR-Elite makes it easier to share and collaborate with colleagues, helping practices manage referrals. Scans and notes can be shared via a USB drive or CD to facilitate collaboration and improve overall patient outcomes. In addition, a new search tool allows users to quickly locate any procedure, note or consult.

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