Sept. 28, 2011
Care intended to "ensure" that patients' needs are met.

MIAMI, Florida--Patients awill agree that the care they receive from Oral-maxillofacial surgeons, Drs. Jeffrey Blum and Eduardo Nicolaievsky, have spearheaded a different kind of patient care at Blum-Nico Oral-Facial Surgery in Miami Beach.

The brand of care is called “ENsurance.”

How is ENsurance practiced?

According to Dr. Blum, founder of Blum-Nico Oral-Facial Surgery Associates, “ENsurance means that we strive to ensure that our patients’ needs are met with the highest level of care.”

Blum-Nico Oral-Facial Surgery is not an insurance-based practice so, while the practice will help patients file insurance claims, it does not accept insurance as payment for services. This allows the practice to give patients time to experience a patient-doctor relationship.

In traditional high-volume insurance practices, many doctors are pressed to see as many patients as possible in an effort to maximize the compensation received from insurance companies. At Blum-Nico, the time the doctors spend with the patient is a crucial and integral part of the patient-doctor relationship. The patient receives the doctors’ undivided attention.

How is ENsurance practiced?

* Patients receive an initial evaluation, including digital photography and models. This makes it easier and faster to create accurate before-and-after photos of their treatment.

* Patients receive attention from an experienced doctor to assess their needs and get questions and concerns answered.

* When appropriate, doctors work closely with other dentists and physicians to help ensure that patients receive the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach.

* Throughout the process, various trained staff members will interact with patients. This includes coordinators for the various modalities of procedures performed.

* Financial specialists join the team to explain in detail to patients the payment procedures and financial arrangements.

* After a procedure, the practice has a postop service available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to address concerns or emergencies that may arise.

* One of the doctors is available to take care of postoperative needs.

* A postop visit, or a series of visits, is scheduled to help ensure that the patient is healing properly and that there are no complications.

* A limo service rounds out the patient experience by taking surgery patients home if they do not have someone to drive them.

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Drs. Blum and Nicolaievsky have more than 50 years of combined experience in oral-maxillofacial surgery and implantology. Together with their team of trained and skilled clinicians, they are committed to continuous education and staying abreast of the latest techniques, products, and equipment to provide optimum care.

For more information, visit www.drblumoralsurg.com or call (305) 538-4556.

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