Azenic recycling

June 29, 2011
High-speed handpieces now recyclable and repurposed.

KALAMAZOO, Michigan--Azenic has announced the Azenic DHP recycling program.

The program uses the Sharps Recovery System--an economical system designed for simplified, environmentally responsible treatment and repurposing of medical waste and used health care materials that is offered by Sharps Compliance.

Azenic debuts disposable high-speed handpiece

With this program, customers return used DHPs to Sharps Compliance where they are recycled into a proprietary product (PELLA-DRX) that is used as a raw material in industrial applications. This eliminates landfill use.

Available in a unit-dispensing box of 12, the DHP is individually wrapped in a sterilization pouch, ready for use, and complements the busy dental practice.

Visit or call (888) 347-7576 to learn more.

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