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Dec. 14, 2011
Not-for-profit dental benefits provider replaces manual processes with CRM efficiencies.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona--Sage North America has announced that Delta Dental of Oklahoma uses Sage SalesLogix CRM to automate account management and auditing.

Delta Dental has cut its underwriting process time in half using Sage SalesLogix, while decreasing auditing time 60%.

“We are impressed with the large amount of time Sage SalesLogix saves us monthly during account renewals,” said Kelly Graham, director of client relations and underwriting for Delta Dental of Oklahoma, a not-for-profit provider of dental benefits to individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.

“Time and manpower are critical assets for our organization and Sage SalesLogix helps us find better ways to use both.”

Delta Dental needed a better way to manage account reviews, renewals and rate adjustments. Its monthly processes involved manually pulling account data from several software applications, preparing spreadsheets for review, and manually entering updates in multiple locations.

This required too many staff members, and accounts needed 100% auditing because of the information’s legally binding nature and potential for data entry error. Any changes made to auditing spreadsheets were noted in an Excel document. This made reporting difficult. Delta Dental’s process for clients with multiple locations, plans, or operations was even more intensive.

Delta Dental now pushes data automatically into a customized Sage SalesLogix account renewal tool allowing 40 of its employees to view data, make adjustments and communicate with clients upon approval. The company seeks to do business in as many paperless ways as possible using Sage SalesLogix for account history storage, contact management, scheduling, proposal generation, and cross-departmental communications.

Sage SalesLogix--available for on-premises, Cloud and mobile deployments–-provides businesses a view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, customer service, and support functions so teams can collaborate and respond promptly and knowledgeably to customer inquiries and sales opportunities.

Delta Dental is Top Dog among Brokers

Process automation and a highly customizable platform help businesses achieve stronger sales results.

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