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Dec. 21, 2011
Florida-based partnership expands use of Milestone Scientific system to its eight dental offices located in Broward County.

LIVINGSTON, New Jersey--Milestone Scientific, a leader in advanced, computer-controlled injection technologies, has announced that Florida-based Towncare Dental Partnership has expanded use of Milestone's STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System to ithe partnership's eight dental offices located in Broward County.

Leonard Osser, chief executive officer of Milestone Scientific, commented, "We are very pleased with Towncare's decision to commence training on our STA system in their Broward County offices beginning in January 2012. We have enjoyed working with Towncare's dentists and hygienists in Dade County over the past year and view the company's rollout of our technology in Broward County as strong validation regarding the benefits of our technology for dentists and their patients."

Michael Bileca, president of Towncare Dental, commented, "At Towncare Dental, we strive to uphold the highest standard of care and the comfort of our patients is an important part of that scenario. With Milestone's STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System, we have taken the dental experience to a new level and enjoy being at the forefront of this great innovation for pain free injections. We plan to roll out Milestone's STA System county by county throughout our 60 offices in Florida over the coming months."

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Added Osser: "Estimates place the number of dental phobics in the United States at 40 million. Much of this phobia results from fear of needles and the pain associated with a visit to the dentist. By offering an alternative to the patient that eliminates the pain factor, dentists are able to gain a competitive edge while also increasing profits by charging a nominal "comfort fee" for the pain free experience. In addition to pain free anesthesia, patients do not suffercollateral numbness in their cheek, tongue or lips. Moreover, faster onset of profound anesthesia is a great benefit to the dentist, patientand the business of dentistry. Faster onset allows the dentist to see significantly more patients adding to the profit of the dental group.

By controlling the flow and quantity of the anesthetic and keeping it localized, we also greatly reduce the need and associated dangers of general anesthesia, heretofore chosen for unruly patients--particularly children. General anesthesia comes with risks of morbidity and mortality, which Milestone believes can be avoided in many instances when using the STA instrument."

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