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Whip Mix Lean Lab

Dec. 12, 2011
Lab named winner of Whip Mix Lab of the Year.
LOUISVILLE, Kentucky--Whip Mix has announced that Expertec Dental Lab is winner of the Lean Lab of the Year Award. Many labs have adopted the principles of Lean Manufacturing to improve their processes, revamp their lab design, engage their teams, and position themselves to successfully compete in today’s dental lab industry. Flame-free dental heater gets upgradeExpertec Dental Lab has used the lean tools to change the way they serve customers. Now team members are more content and proud of their contributions. The lab's customer satisfaction level has grown and Expertec has added many new customers. The lab has eliminated waste and improved turnaround times. Expertec has improved profitability in a state where commerce and industry have been impacted by the economy.The Lean Lab of the Year Award was presented to Expertec Dental at the Whip Mix Lean Symposium of Dental Technology in September in Louisville. Rich Lhota accepted the award on behalf of Expertec Dental. For more information, call (800) 626-56-51 or visit To comment on this topic, go to