DentalEZ Group updates its Identafi website with free marketing kit for clinicians

Dec. 9, 2011

DentalEZ Group has officially updated its Identafi website to include a useful section that provides various marketing tools to help clinicians increase oral cancer awareness and promote the benefits of the Identafi oral cancer screening device.

The new clinician section now included on the Identafi website,, offers clinicians several easy-to-use patient education and marketing materials targeted to local residents and existing patients who may not know that their dental office offers the advanced oral cancer screening technology device. Dental professionals who offer the Identafi oral cancer screening examination in their practices can now download these FREE useful marketing tools, such as:

Press Release Template – Designed to announce to local media the importance of oral cancer screening and that the practice has begun using Identafi.

Letter to the Editor Template – Encourages publication of the importance of oral cancer screening.

Patient Letter Template –
Creates awareness among current and lapsed patients regarding the importance of oral cancer screening, early detection, and the adoption of advanced Identafi technology.

Printable Patient Education Pamphlet –
This brochure provides patients with information on oral cancer, the importance of the screening exam, and how Identafi works.

Printable Office Poster – Dental professionals can hang the poster in their waiting rooms and operatories to create awareness of the need for annual oral cancer screenings.

Logo – An Identafi logo can be added to professional websites, bringing public awareness to the use of Identafi.

Study Club / Speaker Slides – Preformatted PowerPoint presentation is ideal for use at study clubs or other local speaker events.

Radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs) –
Oral cancer awareness PSAs in 15-second, 30-second, or 60-second versions, depending on which format the local radio station prefers.

Oral Cancer Screening Event Press Release –
A downloadable press release that can be sent to local media to invite reporters to receive a free oral cancer screening.

Identafi Exam Consent Form – A patient release form to document the patient's consent or denial of the oral cancer screening exam with Identafi.

In addition to the many new features, the website will continue to allow visitors to download technical information, find out more about oral cancer, view training videos and seminars, and easily contact StarDental’s supportive staff of customer and technical service representatives. is intended to be a regular destination for dental professionals interested in the oral cancer news and the Identafi oral screening device as well as current customers, and patients.

For more information, please visit or call 866-DTE-INFO.