Orabrush remake

Oct. 27, 2011
Remake features child actors between 4 and 9 years old.

PROVO, Utah--After two years and nearly 40 million total YouTube views, Orabrush has released a remake of the landmark YouTube video, Bad Breath Test, using some of the company’s youngest fans.

The original video has racked up more than 15 million views, and the remake features 10 stars between the ages of 4 and 9 who take up the fight against halitosis.

Casting for the remake began when Orabrush opened up an online casting call, and asked hopefuls to submit online videos in which they were asked to give their best impressions of the Orabrush Guy.

View the remake of Bad Breath Test at www.youtube.com/watch.

“The kids were great, all of them," said Jeffrey Harmon, chief marketing officer for Orabrush. “It was fun to get some fans involved, too. They’re already commenting on our videos, sharing them, and posting video responses. But this was something totally different. They’re starring in our latest video; and in my opinion, it's one of our best.”

Orabrush inks $2.5 million funding

Since debuting the Bad Breath Test in 2009, Orabrush has been creating online videos and cultivating an internet fan base. This has helped translate into brisk online sales, completion of a Series A funding round, and distribution partnerships with many of the world’s leading retailers, including Walmart.

Ad Age named Orabrush as having one of the top 10 social media campaigns of 2010, and YouTube recognized Orabrush’s weekly video series featuring the Orabrush Guy and Morgan the Tongue as part of the “videos that defined 2010.”

Orabrush is the third most popular sponsor channel on YouTube, trailing only Old Spice and Apple in number of total subscribers. The channel has received more than 39 million views.

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