Venus Diamond Flow study

Oct. 5, 2011
University of Brescia study reveals results for composite and Heraeus’ iBond Total Etch bonding adhesive based on 12-month clinical study on Class V restorations.

SOUTH BEND, Indiana--In an in vivo split mouth study, Italy’s University of Brescia gave highly favorable ratings to the clinical and esthetic performances of Venus Diamond Flow by Heraeus Kulzer, a leader in advancing dental esthetics.

The flowable nanohybrid composite achieved consistently high marks at the twelve-month recall in tested categories, including marginal adaptation, color-matching ability, marginal discoloration, anatomical form, secondary caries, and surface texture.

Venus Diamond Flow enables dentists to produce esthetic and durable restorations with little effort. Thanks to its chemical formula with nanofillers, Venus Diamond Flow combines high flexural strength with very low shrinkage stress and matches the shade of the adjacent teeth.

Its flowable consistency makes Venus Diamond Flow a multifunctional composite for placement of restorations and suitable for various indications in both anterior and posterior regions.

Split-mouth study on class V restorations
Under the direction of Principal investigator Professor Antonio Cerutti, the Department of Restorative Dentistry of the University of Brescia compared the clinical and esthetic performance of Venus Diamond Flow in Class V restorations to that achieved with another modern composite and adhesive material. A total of 60 Class V restorations were placed using Venus Diamond Flow and Heraeus’ iBond Total Etch for the test group.

The same number of restorations were placed in the control group using a competitive flowable composite and bonding adhesive. Restorations were conducted using micro-layering technique and identical curing settings. Each patient needed at least two restorations on vital teeth that had to be located in opposite quadrants.

After 12 months, the fillings were evaluated with the United States Public Health Service evaluation system. Six categories were assessed using Ryge criteria: marginal adaptation, color-matching ability, marginal discoloration, anatomical form, surface texture, and secondary caries.

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Results for Venus Diamond Flow
At the first evaluation after 12 months, Venus Diamond Flow outperformed the other material with regard to marginal adaptation and color-matching ability, scoring 95% and 90% “optimal” marks versus 87% and 82%, respectively, for the control group. In both groups, the restorations received high marks in all other categories. All evaluated teeth remained caries-free and all fillings were intact.

Each restoration received top marks for retention and kept its anatomical form, and all surfaces were rated as smooth. Study teeth were vital and sound, with no cases of pulpitis. None of the patients suffered from postoperative sensitivity to temperature or occlusion. The patient satisfaction was accordingly 100% for both composites.

Conclusion: Excellent overall results, with exceptional marginal adaptation and color-matching ability.

The 12-month results of the University of Brescia study indicate that the combination of Heraeus’ Venus Diamond Flow composite and iBond Total Etch bonding agent performs at a high level on criteria evaluated. The study will continue for a second year to corroborate the results achieved to date.

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