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SofiDent promotion

July 14, 2011
in its triple celebration for the fall of 2011,  company will provide 1,000 free ViaGrind stones to industries with new orders of 10 boxes.
TEMPE, Arizona--SofiDent Dental Supply, an importer of grinding stones, will provide 1,000 free ViaGrind stones to industries with new orders of 10 boxes in honor of its triple celebration in the fall of 2011. Joseph Tsiyoni, an inventor and owner of Sofident Dental Supply, a division of Shairon International, said the company--which specializes in abrasives--will celebrate its 23 anniversary in the fall 2011. SofiDent's Glued Shank Insertion concept helps make the stones high quality with cooperation from its Korean manufacturer. The concept helps ensure proper shank insertion with a high-glue application in the backing process. This results in the stones' high quality. Sofident guarantees the quality of its ViaGrind stones.Distribution agreement could affect U.S. dental abrasive salesSofiDent, which also celebrates a new website, features a line of abrasives. The line includes U.S.-made discs and rubber wheels and clasps, European diamond discs, and ViaGrind Mounted Grinding Stones.A third reason to celebrate, acording to Tsiyoni, Is PrideWay--a new scooter intended for the handicapped. This product is under final development by Tsiyoni's partners in China.Tsiyoni encourages dental professional to continue developing new dental inventions and proceed with the patent process. is willing to help inventors with the patent process and consultation.About ViaGrind Grinding StonesViaGrind stones come in five colors and 21 shapes. The most commonly used are:Green stones Intended for grinding, cutting polishing, and adjusting porcelain, ceramic binders, composites, enamel, and amalgam. Blue stonesUsed for fast grinding, polishing, shaping, smoothing, cutting and contouring partial dentures, framework, and nonprecious metal (alloys) for crown and bridges, chrome-cobalt, nickel, and for finishing sublingual bars. They are made of noncontaminating aluminum oxide. Pink stonesBest for crown and bridges metal work of noble alloys, gold, precious and semi-precious silver. They are made of noncontaminating aluminum oxide. To claim the free 1,000 stones, visit or call (480) 949-0894.To comment on this topic, go to