DRNA launches new division

April 6, 2011
Dental Recycling North America has developed a new Division of Continuing Education.

Dental Recycling North America has announced development of a new Division of Continuing Education.

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Alfred L. Frost, III, MS, DDS, has been named as director of the new division. Dr. Frost serves as DRNA's vice president for clinical and scientific afairs.

According to Dr. Frost, the new Division of Continuing Education will be tasked with researching, developing, and disseminating relevant and timely continuing education programs for the dental community, ranging from one to eight hours in duration. Programs will be offered in online and live formats. Roll out date for the first of these programs is scheduled for January 2012.

When was questioned on how this new endeavor relates to DRNA's role as a dental waste management company, he responded that

"DRNA is the only nationwide full-service waste management company who focuses its efforts solely on theneeds of dentists," said Marc M. Sussman, president and CEO of DRNA.

"As such, we feel we are in the very unique position of having our finger on the pulse of what this niche market requires not only from a compliance, regulatory and waste management perspective, but also what they are looking for in their continuing education requirements. We are frequently asked by our customers if we can assist them with various regulatory training programs. Now we will be happy to say 'yes we can.' This new effort dovetails perfectly with our existing business model and offers an additional layer of value to our customers."

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