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Darby medical supplies

April 6, 2011
Much-needed medical supplies sent directly to makeshift shelter in Kesennuma.
JERICHO, New York--Darby Dental Supply, an all-telesales national distributor of dental merchandise, has partnered with students from the American Red Cross Molloy College Campus Club to create a 30-foot container of medical supplies for an area in Japan that was devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.To read more about Darby Dental, go to Darby Dental.The container includes essential medical emergency items, such as isolation gowns, gloves, and face masks. The supplies were shipped overseas directly to a temporary shelter set up in an elementary school in Kesennuma, Japan, located in the extreme northeast of Miyagi Prefecture. The Kesennuma area was hit especially hard by the recent earthquakes and tsunami, and was further devastated by the fires that broke out in the area following the two natural disasters. “Through our contact, Ms. Junko Fujiwara, we were able to ship supplies directly to the shelter,” remarked Darby President Gary Rosenberg. “We would not have been able to work as efficiently as we did without the help of the American Red Cross Molloy College Campus Club, who put many hours into organizing and assembling the massive container of supplies.”Due to its array of health-care products readily on hand, Darby was able to pull from its vast inventory to provide a large number of medical supplies for medical professionals to properly attend to victims affected by the tragedies. Darby’s recent donation to Japan is just one of many ongoing philanthropic efforts conducted by the company. For the past five years, Darby has had a Full Pay Deployment Program in place for its National Guard and Reserve member employees. The program also helps ensure that the employees' jobs will be waiting for them when they return. For more information, visit comment on this topic, go to