Tru-Align media blitz

April 11, 2011
Interactive Diagnostic Imaging is going to patients with a PR campaign to explain the importance of dental X-rays in early diagnosis of dental disease.

Dental patients will be encouraged to Look for the Green Ring as part of an upcoming educational and awareness-raising PR campaign announced by Interactive Diagnostic Imaging following the introduction of the Tru-Align X-ray add-on.

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Similar to the “ask your doctor about” style of direct-to-consumer advertising popular with pharmaceutical companies, the media blitz will explain to patients why X-rays are an important and necessary diagnostic tool for early detection of dental disease.

The campaign will stress that, although dental X-ray exposures are low, the absorption is cumulative over time and how the Tru-Align can reduce their exposure by 60% to 70%. This reduction in exposure to ionizing radiation actually improves the diagnostic quality of the images the dentist needs to make early stage intervention in the disease process.

“The purpose of the blitz,” said Dr. Michael Razzano, CEO and founder of IDI, “is to inform patients that there now is a way for dentists to reduce patient exposure to ionizing radiation by as much as 70% by adding an inexpensive device to their existing X-ray machine. Tru-Align is a positive response to the many concerns about radiation raised in the popular press.

“We also want to promote the concept of radiation hygiene as a key component of a dental practice’s universal precautions for infection control and safety,” added Dr. Razzano.

The Tru-Align simply retrofits onto the end of a standard X-ray cone and features a distinctive green ring. Patients will immediately be able to identify the device by the green ring and know that their dentist is practicing radiation hygiene.

Additionally, each Tru-Align will include two window stickers showing the radiation hygiene seal, along with a countercard and holder explaining to patients that the office has taken steps to reduce their exposure to excessive radiation.

Another component of IDI’s patient outreach will be a comprehensive web site,, to familiarize the public and profession with the radiation hygiene concept and its terminology, issues, protocol, and more.

For more information, go to or call toll-free at 855-IDI-XRAY.

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