Darby extends line

May 27, 2011
Company adds DenMat products.

JERICHO, New York--Darby Dental Supply, an all-telesales national distributor of dental merchandise, has expanded its product line by offering DenMat products.

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Under a newly signed agreement with DenMat, Darby is an authorized distributor of the company’s Infinity cement, Tenure bonding products, LUMIBRITE Bleach-Free chairside and take-home Whitening Systems, the Sapphire Portable Diode Laser, Block-Out cement, and GeriStore®restorative materials.

According to Darby president Gary Rosenberg, “Darby now offers a vast selection of DenMat products that cover a wide array of procedures. The DenMat name is a symbol of quality, reputation, and reliability, and we’re pleased to offer the DenMat choice in our growing selection of products.”

Infinity cement is a self-adhesive, all-purpose cement used for cementation of porcelain-metal, zirconium, all- ceramic resin and ceramic inlay/onlays, cast metal, and types of posts. The self-adhesive formula syringes easily into place, avoiding placement sensitivity by sealing dentin tubules. This prevents postoperative sensitivity. Dental professionals can expect non-microleaking, stress-resistant margins every time.

For almost 20 years, the Tenure Multi-Purpose Bonding System has demonstrated a proven clinical record of successful restorations with high-bond strengths and retention, combined with reduction of microleakage and postoperative sensitivity. Tenure is the first bonding agent accepted by the American Dental Association, and a fourth-generation, multi-purpose, chemical-curing, adhesive system for bonding a resin restorative to intraoral surfaces.

Tenure Quik with Fluoride penetrates and seals the tooth interface. Tenure Quik's formulation provides for a surface-penetrating, low-viscosity bonding agent. High-bond strengths, fewer steps, and simplified placement, combined with the ability to bond to surfaces and the added protection of fluoride, make Tenure a product for composite placement.

Tenure Uni-Bond self-etching bonding system simplifies direct bonding applications with anterior and posterior composites. It is intended when cementing crowns and bridges with self- and dual-cure resin cements. Tenure Uni-Bond is compatible with self-cure, dual-cure, and light-cure composite materials.

LUMIBRITE Bleach-Free Whitening is fast, safe, and professional whitening that is bleach-free. LUMIBRITE helps eliminate sensitivity and produces predictable results. LUMIBRITE is available through Darby Dental for in-office use, or take-home treatments.

Compact, easy-to-use, and affordable, the Sapphire Portable Diode Laser is a dental soft-tissue laser, surgical/debridement device. The Sapphire is intended for the first-time user and the seasoned dental laser practice. It may be used for a variety of soft-tissue, gingival modification, and sulcular therapy procedures.

Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus is a multi-purpose, dual-cure cement designed specifically for bonding porcelain restorations. The formula was developed based on the successful advanced resin technology of Ultra-Bond Plus but includes a masking agent to successfully block out staining on teeth. Block-Out is available in four bleaching shades: Supreme White, B0, B1, and A1. The shade range provides a proven resin cement for restorative needs.

Geristore's dual-cure, hydrophilic Bis-GMA formulation makes it a product of choice for subgingival lesions and restorations involving soft tissue, histological biocompatibility, adherence to dentin and cementum, release of fluoride, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and low polymerization shrinkage. The physical properties of this biocompatible restorative make it a material for countless procedures.

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