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Ortho Organizers agreement

May 24, 2011
Company enters into a long-term consulting and licensing agreement with Drs. Larry and Will Andrews.
CARLSBAD, California--Ortho Organizers, a manufacturer of orthodontic products, laboratory services, and continuing education programs, has announced entering into a long-term consulting and licensing agreement with Drs. Larry and Will Andrews.To read more about Ortho Organizers, go to Ortho Organizers.Dr. Larry Andrews is the discoverer of the Six Keys to normal (optimal) occlusion, and is recognized in theorthodontic industry as the “inventor of the Straight-Wire Appliance.” Building upon the Straight-Wire Appliance--which is an appliance concept used by orthodontic professionals today--he and his son, Dr. Will Andrews, have dedicated the last 20 years to research. This research has led to the finding of the Six Elements of Orofacial Harmony. These are the characteristics found to be shared by individuals with optimal occlusion and balanced faces. They are proposed as optimal treatment goals for orthodontic patients and serve as the basis for a new positionally correct classification system.“Drs. Larry and Will Andrews are known and respected worldwide,” said Russell Bonafede, president of Ortho Organizers. “Our new relationship with them will be invaluable in developing strategic partnerships throughout the orthodontic specialist community. In addition, we look forward to developing a stream of innovative products and educational courses that align with their new treatment philosophy. Our shared goal is to provide optimal treatment goals that will benefit the patient and clinicians alike by offering superior esthetics, ideal occlusion, balanced faces, and treatment efficiency, which is substantiated by independent university researchers.”Drs. Larry and Will Andrews are the directors of the Andrews Foundation, which is the educational platform of their Six Elements Orthodontic Philosophy. In addition to lecturing around the world, both maintain a private practice in San Diego, Calif.For more information, go to comment on this topic, go to