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Feb. 10, 2011
Author's son defeats plaque and cavities one "sugarbug" at a time in "The Sugarbug Hunter."

CAMPBELL, California--Deserie Yeager's "The Sugarbug Hunter" tackles the dental hygiene lesson many children fear--how to combat those sugarbugs lurking in kids' mouths.

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Hunter fails to understand why he should floss and brush his teeth after eating chewy candy. That is, until he has a scary dream that alters the course of his reasoning. Tthe sugarbugs invade Hunter's nighttime thoughts and begin living off the sugar that dominates his teeth and gums. They leave quite the impression, Hunter learns, after he discovers that the sugarbugs create cavities in his teeth once they've had their fill of sugar if he's forgotten to brush.

Hunter can't awaken from his bad dream fast enough, and he immediately comes up with a plan to get rid of the menacing creatures for good. From now on, he will brush and floss his teeth regularly.

"My mission is to educate and inspire young children to take better care of their teeth," said Yeager. "In addition to causing bad breath and severe dental problems, bad dental hygiene can cause health issues down the road."

Yeager aimed to create a fun, rhyming book to encourage children to brush and floss from an early age. She has witnessed a lack of education in proper dental care through her work, and knows that many are unaware of poor hygiene's affects, including gum disease, diabetes and stroke.

Yeager hopes that her book will help children prevent problems in the future by keeping the sugarbugs away and taking care of their teeth right now.

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