3M ESPE most innovative

Feb. 7, 2011
Dental division brings materials science and digital technology advances to dentistry.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--For the sixth year in a row, 3M ESPE ranks as the most innovative company in the dental industry, according to the 2010 Dental Industry Review conducted by the Anaheim Group, distributors of Dental Fax Weekly.

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“It is ingrained in the culture of 3M to share information on materials and markets along with every technology at our disposal across the entire company,” said Larry Lair, division vice president and general manager, 3M ESPE.

“There are many stories in this company of technology cross-pollination that have led to breakthrough innovations that really make a difference for our customers. Every day we are working to leverage the resources of the total company to help solve problems and make things better for our dental customers and partners around the world.”

Elaborating on 3M’s innovation, 3M ESPE Global Business Director Jim Ingebrand said, “The same technology used to mix impression materials in our Pentamix Mixing Unit is being used by auto-body repair specialists to mix fillers for automobile body work. Similarly, nanotechnology that improves the performance of Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative for dentists is helping to create the next generation of fishing rods. This deep of a technology pool better enables us to meet dental professionals’ needs and in turn, helps make them more successful.”

Data showing an average of 45 innovations per year for 3M ESPE helps put the company above other manufacturers during the past six years. This consistency in innovation continues to produce industry firsts, as well as best-in-class solutions for use throughout the life cycle of the tooth.

“According to the 2010 Booz and Company Global Innovation Study, 3M ranks as the third most innovative company in the world, behind only Apple and Google,” continued Lair. “That type of reputation isn’t earned by chasing any and every idea that comes across the desk, but through purposeful innovation aimed at helping customers overcome their challenges.”

The Anaheim Group considers three components in its innovation index, including: FDA 510(k) new product clearances for the U.S. market, United States Patent Office dental industry patents, and dental patents from the European Patent Office and the World International Patent Office. The Dental Industry Review summarizes the key business and technical events occurring in the worldwide dental industry.

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